Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is an auto-reminder to myself

I am getting stronger day by day...tougher by the minute. I know, it seems like yesterday that everything had happened in an instant but then what's the point of looking back?

*once a fighter will always be a fighter - though at times we forget, but its inside you no matter what*

The thing is, I come to realise that the only person that can make me happy is myself. Of course, having a partner will fill in your time and make you feel somewhat appreciated and loved, but then there's no point holding on a person who doesn't complement you, doesn't make you a better person.

I found out out that I am at the phase of finding myself, finding what I want...and it seems like what I want is out of reach.

It's practically impossible to get.

And despite all odds, I still eat up a lot of b*llsh*it lately.....plainly because I just had to...due to unforeseen circumstances....

*in which has to stop*

I have to put an end to all the BS's and take charge of me. I don't have to endure it. I don't have to face it.

I am better than this.

I have to close the chapter of "unfinished business" asap.

Then I should pack up and leave.

Yeah. Pack up and leave.

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