Monday, August 24, 2009

To tell you the truth...I rasa macam perut I masuk angin....

There's still about 6 hours to go before breaking fast and I feel like my stomach is slowly getting filled with air (as in agin, wind dan sewaktu dengannya)....

*okay, definitely not yet.....since there's nothing around to make me lose it anyway*

Being cooped up on a seat doesn't help it either. I tried to stretch my leg just now and I got a cramp instantly.



But then don't even dream of slacking...

*nanti tetiba kena renjatan elektrik macam ni baru tau??? Tuhan marah sebab tak puasa*

Today I am thinking of getting something more filling than yesterday. I don't think my modest breakfast yesterday is doing me good today, so have to get something with more substance.


*Nasib baik the weighing scale is showing favourable progress...kalau tak...sigh...jangan harap la nak menggigih macam ni*


shasha said...

aku target nak turun 5 kg bulan puasa ni..tapi tgk makan payah benar nak control..macam susah je nak dapat target 5kg tuh...heheeh

Zuraida said...

oh shasha, nothing is impossible. You have to want it hard enough to get it okay.