Friday, August 7, 2009

A Touch of "Bro"mance

I bet a lot of people will be more keen if I blog about GIJoe....hahahaa....but then I wanna blog about...

*now on DVD*

The movie is hillarious. A lot of awkward and stupid pick up lines that makes me laugh non-stop.


The story goes on about a man who realise that he has no guy friends (as he is more attuned to his female side) and as his wedding is at bay, go on search for the ultimate best friend a guy could ever have.

*No, not a dog*

So he found a cool guy. And they enjoy the same thing. And he became another jerk man....hahahaha...who is just freaking lucky because he has a very very cool fiance.

*thank God I am not the're in a concert and hugging the guy?*


Obviously a movie is not a movie without drama kan? They had a fall-out when he got misunderstood of his "best man's" intentions and finally end up ditching him from his wedding party....

*the adhoc wedding party consisting of his dad, his bro and his sad is that?*

But the sweet part is....

The best man came anyway! Aku hampir nangis.

*coz he took a vespa for 40km all the way to Santa Barbara to get to the wedding anyway, though uninvited...coz he wouldn't miss his best friend's wedding for the world. Sigh. what a friend*

My eye candy was the brother...

*though the character is gay...he's still kinda cute*

Good DVD watch if you want something wonky.



SJ said...

aaauuuwww.. sounds good.

will try to get the DVD too

Zuraida said...

hahahah...tengok tengok....elok la kalau tengok ramai2 so sambil sambil tu boleh kutuk2 sekali. hahahah!