Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twenties Girl Excerpt 4

Sadie's face is drawn as she gazes out of the window. Her skin seems paler than ever and there are shadow's under her eyes. In her silver-grey dress she looks like a vulnerable little wisp. I feel sudden tears spring to my eyes. She loved the artist, its obvious. Underneath all the bravado and the back chat, she really loved him. All her life, probably

How could he not loved her back? Bastard. If he were alived now I'd go and find him and beat him up . Even if he was some quavery, million year old man with twenty grandchildren.

'Its so sad.'I rub my nose. "Its so sad.'

'It's not sad' she retort at once, her old flippant air returning. 'It's the way things are. There are other men, there are other countries, there are other lives to live. But that's why I know'. She suddenly rounds me.'I know, and you have to believe me.
-Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Page 227.

I have finally finished the book, and was deeply contented with the ending. Of course, there's rainbows at the end and happy endings....but the excerpt shared is just not quite there yet. We are still learning.....

I am somewhat intrigue by Sadie's character. It's a pretty strong character, I have to admit, to be able to live so long and tried so hard to be happy. At the end of the day, people might envy her zestfullness in life and taken her for granted because she seems such a rebel and independant, but deep inside she's just another girl who fell in love, got hurt and moved on.

But instead of giving up, she moved on.

She find alternatives.

And how I wish I am that strong.

For underneath this tough exterior (and how people might be surprised at how strong I could be), I am just another girl. I feel pain. I had moments of despair.

At time sI don't even recognise the person that stares back at me every morning. The glint in my eyes seems to be missing. My eyes rimmed with dark circles, which requires concealers for cover to work. The semi jaunt face.

*the lost hope*

But I am not giving up hope.

I need to believe there's still something good out there for me.

I need to believe what Sadie said.....There are other men, there are other countries, there are other lives to live.

There are other lives to live.

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