Monday, August 3, 2009

The weekend i OD'ed on sleep

Sleep tends to be the best cure for the broken deep slumber you tend to not think about your woes and by the time you wake up, hours has passed by and you can go back to sleep again.

The downside will only be the nightmares (yeah, stress tends to go to your subconcious parts too hence may subconciously evolve to nightmares) and when you had too much of sleep, you can't sleep anymore.

In which was what happened yesterday.

After sleeping 5 blocks of 3 hour sleep in between tv series on Saturday, I found myself wide awake on Sunday.


I got the blues. No point denying it. But I decided that I should start dealing with it, so I filled my day with a lot of work.

I clean the house.

I did my laundry.

I fold my laundry (on the same day).

I reorganise my make-up kit.

I went to gym.

I finish Season 2 of The Riches.

By the end of the day I was so exhausted, I don't even care about anything in the world.

I just went to bed.

I woke up quite good in the morning. And guess what?

Today I start putting on make-up.

I think I look good. That I will keep ondoing from now on. No more empty faces to work. I'm painting it on a daily basis now.

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shasha said...

*clap clap
good good.....satu perubahan yg bagus...