Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend I Went Back to Uni for Convocation

Last weekend was a tiring one, having to go back to ani's Uni for her convocation.....teringat balik zaman dulu-dulu when I myself was back at school studying for my qualifications...

*aku umpama burung hantu*

Though I could go in to the main hall and see my sister bag her certs, I choose to remain outside and wait. Knowing me, 3 hours in the hall without toilet breaks will be hell.


But I had fun...and took loads of piccas. And since I have ani's lappy with me now I can update later tonight at home....tak payah la nak sorok-sorok (ye ke sorok?) nak berblogging kat ofis.

*yeah, dah la screen monitor ni 17 inches kan....gilo!*

Last weekend I went to Ken's pilates class as well as Raymond's KarmaYoga (again?) on Sunday with mom and Ani. Sangat refreshing....I am so in a good mood to start my week.

Tapi penat la. Mostly sebab berpanasan masa konvo tu.


Hold your horses peeps. Today's a busy day. Catch up with you later!


shasha said...

alaaa...aku takde kenangan konvo sebab tempat belajar takdenya nak kasi ijazah atas pentas nih...sedih weyy...

Zuraida said...

hehehhe..apa lagi...pi la sambung beljar balik...sila cipta kenangan baru!