Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Estee Lauder Makeover...

Went to MV's EL counter last weekend with Ani to (finally) redeem my extra makeover voucher from the last EL Model search before it expires on 30th September. Ani was excited coz its her first time and what better way to spend a "siobling day out" than meddling with free make-up?
These are our "before shot".....

*oh my, gelap dan berminyak. Ni kes shopping marathon @ Bangsar dengan Tina la ni*

As soon as we got there kitorang start main-main with the make-up artist's tool while waiting for them to prep themselves us beautiful....

*that's the Turbo Lash.....yang vibrate tu*

I wanted to try their DoubleWear foundation and concealer, sebab memang ingat nak beli pun just not sure whether I'll like it or not. At least this is the time to test the product kan. Even better they can pick up the right color that matches your skin...

Tina, I wore the sunny dress immediately okeh!!!! - okay, ni statement takde makne.

That's my make-up artist for the day.

So before she applied my make-up tu she cleaned my face first with make-up remover and light cleanser,and as I did before....I love the celansers. Senang gila nak pakai. In which nanti bila semua cleanser kat umah tu dah abis I akan cepat-cepat pergi EL and get theirs.

*and yes, aritu masa I got the Advanced Night Repair Serum tuthey gave me mini bottles of the make-up remover. Nak pakai sayang okeh! Sob sob! Tapi aku pakai jugak*

While she was doing my face we actually talked about not only the make-up, but also the promotions they have.

Me_Magic : They do have skincare set promo!!!!

She took quite some time hiding the flaws on my skin and doing my eyes, but the end result is....

*voila! - the "after" shot*

I soka!~!! I nak the foundation and concealer...coz it does tahan up to 15 hours coz I had it on till 2am and the make-up was still intact! My sister's too. Kitorang berdua both gone mad over sister dahs siap kira-kira duit tabung dah to go get herself new make-up.

I personally love Ani's make-up artist more, her name is Ri-Anne, coz she's more meticulous, and look at my sister....tetiba je muka flawless!


*takpe, I look good too*


What do you think they'll give away in their walkaton goody bag???

*Crossing my fingers* hmmmm.....EL's DoubleWear Foundation? Kalau ye kan best...



me_magic said...

waaaaaaaa bermake-over! bestnya!!!!
thanks thank for the info
stil belum manage to check out EL

and yes..i do hope the goody bag for the Pink Walk tu biarlaaaa best skit!!
baru semangat nak jalan lajuuuuuuuu!!


Zuraida said...


ke nak pergi kaunter dengan i?