Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cleared some stuff and here I am

*dude,Jimmy won't answer coz that ain't Jimmy*

Don't worry, that egg ain't me either, despite the fact that I have been so quiet lately due to a lot of work (and a broken lappy at home, sigh...which cripples me) but then rest assure that I am happy with the workload, its nothing too stressing that drives me to the wall.

At some point I think its kinda healthy. I don't dread waking up in the morning to go to work.I look forward to meeting my collegues and crack jokes with them.In fact, I don't mind Mondays anymore. So all is A-okay.


Its Thursday already and the weekend is all booked, it'll be buzzing. Sigh. At times I felt like my weekdays are more leisurely than my weekends, its so taxing. But I get to meet people that I miss, like my exhousemate Riza who is heavily pregnant with her firstborn now, so I am really really excited.


Okay sebelum bos keluar nak bloghopping jap. Heheheheeh.


shasha said...

owhh..weekendku yg agak bosan...*sigh

Zuraida said...

hish, bukan ke weekend ko penuh ngan aktiviti bersama family ke?

mana ada bosan camtu...