Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Digi....can you pimp my broadband???*wink wink*

When I found out about Digi's Pimp My Broadband....it suddenly struck a cord in my brains...

*Wishful thinking*

Is it possible to get a better, faster and stronger internet connection????

*Is that too much to ask for these days???*

I know, I am one of the millions frustrated over the current broadband service in town and gosh do I pray every day (infact, I do that every single minute I am connected, rather than cursing) for a connection that doesn't run me to the wall.

*what's a girl to do to get a decent access to her daily dose of FB, twitter and blogging???*

I have to admit, everytime I get connected to my broadband I'll be having problems such as.....

*poor access*

Yeap...connected, but still, can't browse any sites because the signal is low....and at times, can't even access at "certain" areas because its too high, or too remote.

*Its frustrating okay, there's condo's everywhere and you can't access broadband beyond 5th floor? what a disgrace*

Don't you even get me started with the speed...

*at times I think I almost died there in front of my lappy and the page still haven't refreshed!*


*should I say more?*

Sometimes it feels like I pay too much for something which is so poor.

I need something new! I need a faster, more accessible and easy to use broadband!

Can Digi solve that??? Please pimp my broadband and shame the rest!!!!


On top of that a set of these would be nice....



So are u pimping me?*wink wink*


ShirVen said...

hi zue, i thought it was only me having problem with celcom broadband, now i know millions out there too.Their service getting worst and yet everytime we complain they still blamed on our usage.I thought of switch to digi too but still under agrmnt with celcom. Btw, Selamat hari raya Zue :)

Zuraida said...

Dear ShirVen,

I bet a lot of us are facing the same problem here.This is what hppen when consumer power is not strong. I bet Digi will give Maxis and Celcom a run for their money....maybe their broadband will create a war like the last price war so the other providers will then finally buck up their services.

Lets hope for the best. Sebab I pun adfa 12 month contract.

Selamat Hari Raya to you too!

delon said...

hi everyone....im new here...it looks like every communication company is competing each other too get customer like us u know.

but lets just hope that they provide us good quality broadband,wifi etc services,dont you think?

i wish u selamat hari raya....

delon said...

one more thing...have you test it in the jungle yet?

Zuraida said...

hi delon,

welcome! I'm crossing my fingers that their war is to our benefit as a consumer. *smile*.

sorry though, haven't been in a jungle for ages now....so never tested it there.

have u?

Friedbeef said...

Great entry :) Heard this contest is giving bloggers a nice amount of site traffic. Hope you are getting good traffic as well :)

ɥ s ɐ u said...
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ɥ s ɐ u said...

congrats top50 photo. :)
u dh dpt modem tu?