Sunday, September 27, 2009

Esok kerja.....damn!

*imej ihsan Google*

The long holiday will be ending in approximately 8 hours where I'll be back (again) behind a desk pushing pens and calculators and guess holidays till December, bummer. It's going to be a pretty long time before the next break, which is at year end.


It's been a tiring past couple of days. The open house was a success (okay la, nhot a huge and perfect success , tapi not bad for a first one) and I want to thank everyone who made it to my crib. Sorry la tak dapat jemput semua orang sebab saya takut tak terlayan but then, when there's a first there will be many more to rest assure that tahun depan kalau ada lagi I will be more prepared (and equipped,God knows how very basic my house is.....sebab rumah bujang kan) to cater a bigger crowd. Insya-Allah.

Hari ni I went to see PreciousMe for the supreme cream and we hung out for about an hour, which was coool because she's a cool person (yeah) and I get to meet more new people (like Aqieya.....yeah, I'm glad we met! We should hang out some time!) and later, went to Zarina's house untuk beraya. Not really beraya la, more like hang out...tapi since aku yang first datang since raya start so kira aku beraya la.

Pics semua tak upload lagi, tengokla esok kalau free will load the piccas. Cya'll at work!


shasha said...

malasnya nak keje..dah la quarter closing...weekend confirm keje..damn!

AkUfiZA™ said...

hepi working beb, heheee

Anonymous said...

thank u for the great food!

p/s:adakah shasha ini yg saya berbual di rumah host?ehem...

me_magic said...

Thanks for having me...

and dapat jumpa cik kiah tu...ewahhhh! =)

hahahahaah layannnn movie kannn...nasib baiklaaaa finally sedar diri...isk isk isk bad me!!!
but cerita tu best,,i terus cari DVD after that)