Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Eye on Fall 2009's Most Wearable Fashion - One that We Can Apply To Us!

My idea of fall is always grey and black, and since I love black, then fall is most welcomed to me who lives in this sunny side of the world.

And I even have started stocking up on greys. But then as I was browsing through the pages of the latest hot fall 2009 trends I found out something which is out of the ordinary.....

This is not the same fall season that I knew!

For one as the recession kicks in, everyone is pleaing for fashion that is kind to the purse.You might be glad to find that some of Glamour magazine favourite fall fashion is something that you might find in your existing closet...just added with a new touch for twist. Glamour has outline 17 new fashion on the runway that is wearable to normal human beings (like us) and here is my top picks!

*Pics courtesy og*

*Neon Brights - Michael Kors Fall 2009*

Don't say goodbye to the summer colors just yet because as top designer Michael Kors had put it, its still in fashion. In fact, you can go all bubbly from head to toe, and I am definitely loving this because I have tonnes of pinks!

*The LBD - Alexander Wang Fall 2009*

I believe an LBD is a good investment, because despite what the designers say, they never go off season. This season top designers emphasis on clean cut lines with futuristic looks to a simple LBD, great on a toned body.

Like Jessica Alba's.

Sigh. God forbids. What would ever look bad on her?

*Fur - Matthew Williamsom Fall 2009*

My emphasis is not on the fur because the fur is simply complementing the simple top and jeans underneath...which comes to two points....

Point one : Do layers. It doesnt matter what you layer your top or camisole with - a cardigan, a coat or in this case, fur - just be mindful of our hot climate. Overdoing layers might not be well reconmmeded if its burning 30 degrees out there.

Point two : The jeans that fit your curve will never go off season. So get a good pair that show off that curves and everything else will fall in place. Literally speaking.

Point to note : For those who are lucky to fit in skinny jeans, do not waste that God given attribute....go get one now (if you don't have one) and see how the fit adds length and definition to your (already slim) body. Oh yeah. That's why Victoria Beckham loves them. Even Beyonce loves them and she has curves. Lucky her.

*Strapless Pleated Dress - Donna Karan Fall 2009*

We've seen similar fashion on Gossip Girl, and on the runway....dejavu? So not. The good thing about this top is that it takes the eye to the face and away from the "decolletage", so it works for both the busty and the bustless.


*Toga Dress - Charlotte Ronson Fall 2009*

Ahahaha! This has been around since last season and it has been is still a hit. Don't stash it away just yet, you can still smoke the club with it!

Note that the appeal of the Toga Dress is that it brings the eye to the shoulder and neck. So if you have a great shoulder and a tonned armed, here's a teaser dress that gives sexy in the small half the amount, yet have the same full effect.

And last but not the least....

*Strapless layered dress (and this can go multicolor)- Milly Fall 2009*

The layered bottom gives an illussion of a curvier bottom and waist - tricking the eye to believe in an hourglass figure.


Ferocious aite??

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