Monday, September 28, 2009

Hearty lunch @ Alexis Gardens.

Went out for lunch with lady bos for a job well done today, memang sah sah la diet aku abis punah ranah by the time lunch hour came by (due to all the kuih raya we had during tea break.....sangat tak bagus) but still, I ordered this...

*Angel hair aglio olio - Pic courtesy of*

In which is so blissfull.....the grilled baby lobster shocked me a bit (because I was expecting grilled prawns...mind you!) and the fact that it has mini claws terpacak at each ends tu agak scary okeh!


Still....all 4 pieces masuk dalam questions asked.

Its good to have a boss that has a pension for sweet stuff, then you get to pick up desert after the main meal. *grin*. I got to choose the desert to share and went for this....

* Pavlova - Pic courtesy of*

The strawberries sangat menarik perhatian, especially when yesterday I asyik teringat-ingat the mini bottle of strawberry scrub PreciousMe made for aqieya. The Pavlova itself is so nicely made there is a good balance of sweetness and lightness in it. Perfect.


No piccas of me hoarding the cake though coz takkan la depan bos nak menggatal camho kan? Kenala jaga adab dan santun sikit.


I would have wrapped the whole meal with coffee but then I'm too bloated from all the food I had last week. Cold water seems to wash down everything nicely.

Best betul.



Tina Banana said...

you are mean!

you just made me drool over the pics! kijam okkkk...

Zuraida said...

memang sedap pon!!!!

f.i.e.z.a said...

i love oglio x penah cuba pavlova lagi.
kak zue, i got d raya card oredi,thanx a lot!