Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Holidays is (almost) ending....

Its sad to say that today is already to say that I only have the weekend left before having to start to work again...

*Damn. The thought of it is driving me insane*

On the other hand, maybe its a good thing that I start going back to KL and start to go back on a normal diet again, because I have been pingging out for a week now and gosh, its ugly.

Sigh.Now even the croc looks better than I do.

Despite having tonnes of photos angin malas nak upload telah melanda. Inilah masalahnya. Bila ada streamyx tanpa henti hilang mood pulak nak berblogging.


Tapi takpe, raya sebulan. Even when the weekend has ended we still have 3 more weeks to take more pics!


Got my groceries done at noon so that I don't have to do them in KL tomorrow (for God knows how bad kan the traffic will be and how jammed up the supermarket is at festive season) and on top of all that, I got myself.....a new blender!!!!

Okay okay, not that its a biggie...saje je.

Hahahaha. The last one broke down and I got the exact same model so that I can use the containers with my new blender.

Bijak kan? Now all I have to do is label them properly - one for smoothies and baking, the other for cooking - so that next time takde la masalah rasa cili dekat blended smoothie.

Okay, that is another story.


Hopefully esok larat bangun awal pagi, boleh la balik KL awal sikit.