Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Friday Y'all...again!

I woke up pretty early today but went back to bed immediately.


Despite all odds I manage to pull myself up and hit the showers and get ready for work.It'll be a long day today, hopefully I can clear off my dateline by noon (crossing my fingers very hard) and happily spend the weekend.

I am having my annual super thingy with Jo, Geng Ying and Fahmi later tonight at Concorde and I am all psyched!Last super thingy was one yer back, and we tend to keep it up annually so there'll be more reason to catch up!


And to come to think about it, AhG is a big karoke fan as well. Fahmi, maybe we should do a monthly (or annual) karoke thingy now?


Oh I love my peeps.

Have a good Friday!


shasha said...

have a blast weekend babe~!! dan doakan weekend aku ni is time to make the announcement to my dad...

f.i.e.z.a said...

have a pretty weekend kak zue!
my frens n i suka baca ur blog wpun xde pics.hehe..

Zuraida said...

i always hope u ahve a blast weekend. kuatkan semangat okeh! *smile*

glad u guys are happy with my writings...spreading the love y'all...spreading the love.