Thursday, September 10, 2009

Its hitting the cinemas tomorrow....The Ugly Truth!

I love katherine Heigl since Grey's Anatomy and recently of course....27 Dresses. And Gerard Butler is an eye candy....rough around the edges buft soft like a sipping sponge yummey! Hahahah! Put the two together and I believe you have (yet) another romantic duo like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

Its about time we have another love story! A good one!

The rave is everywhere in the world wide web and the trailer was fun to watch. As I scrolled the online ticketing today I am excited to finally know that....

*it'll be officially out tomorrow!!!!*

Okay, who wants to go with me????

The story revolves around a producer in search of a perfect mind, colliding to a TV host who in turn runs on a mission to show the reality of why she keep on failing and what makes a relationship work in real life. teaching women about relationship? Interesting.

As the story goes they fall in love with each other.


*I love it when haters turn two lovers*

Can't get the official trailer off the internet but you can watch them via this link.

Cute kan?

To add to your movies "to watch list" this week is Gamers starring Gerard Butler (as well) and I Love Beth Cooper starring Hayden Panettiere.

Ooooo....macam boleh pi buat movie marathon esok.


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shasha said...

heheehe..marathon movie....aku marathon atas katil bole la kot..