Monday, September 14, 2009

Its just one of those Mondays

Its just one of those days that I don't feel like going to work writing but just stay at home and rest because the last 2 days over the weekend things had been pretty hectic.

For starters, I was out with Tina the whole Saturday noon for my monthly waxing trip and window shopping at Bangsar Telawi area.We had a blast hanging out and I thank God that I finally get to get my wax job done and is finally, (almost) hairless hahahaha. Now I can don skirts to office and ditch my working pants.

*Not that I prefer skirts to pants. Its just that after 2 weeks of donning pants I get a bit bored*

I met my evil sister later for a make-over at Estee Lauder counter in Mid Valley and had a blast. Piccas to come, I totally forgot that it ran out of battery.

*Note : You make-up fans out there, the Estee Lauder blockbuster collection is out and there'll be promotions till tomorrow (yes people, extra vouchers) so go hit the counter because for all its worth, the set is very value for money - obviously la kan...when you only pay RM220 for a set worth RM1,850 that consist of...EVEYTHING!!!! So what are you waiting for?*

My mom and bro join us later in the evening and they were around all weekend. I finally manage to spring clean my home and throw (a lot of) rubbish out....and in the process, got myself poison for roaches to exterminate the increasing number of unwanted baby cokroaches that is quite disturbing lately.

*tensi ok bila ada masalah pest control ni.....*

Hopefully in a couple of days there will be more of them dead than alive and running around mocking me.


It'll be great if they all mati beramai-ramai before raya.....baru bermakna raya aku!


Feel like going to the movies later...any takers?


puterikurekure said...

did u know roach can live 2 weeks without their head?

pelik kan? tapi fakta ok!

oh. rumah sewa aku pon ada masalah roach jugak. aku cadangkan ko beli perangkap lipas yang letak kat setiap corner rumah. memang berkesan! dan skang tak nampak dah lipas berkeliaran kat umah tu.

spray2 tak elok aaa..

shasha said...

spring cleaning? semua sudah clear ke?

Zuraida said...


l;ipas kat umah i kecik kecik okay macam semut. yeah. sangat scary
sebab tu i pakai racun serbuk.

buang sampah je...