Monday, September 28, 2009

Keep on crashing...keep on crashing.....

Just woke up from a brief nap and finished half a bag of chachos as soon as I woke up over an episodeof Dollhouse at 8TV....

*so not good, but I'm hungry (at least my mind think I do, though my stomach is pretty full) and protein shakes ain't exactly the thing I want at the moment*

I hate it when you dream about McDonalds at naptime but then can't really have McD when you wake up because you're actually not that hungry and is pretty bloated...and if I do go and get it I'll end up with a lot of leftovers.


Esok je la makan McD.

Earlier today I grabbed another book at MPH, despite the fact that I have tonnes of books that I can read at home...this one have a very interesting synopsis. Nanti when I am done with InkDeath I'll come here and share about the book ok.

*oh yeah, I'm halfway through InkDeath (the third book in the InkHeart saga...finally!) at the moment and keep on falling asleep. I found out that it makes me snooze pretty fast, in which rartely happens when I am all psyched about a book. Not that it bores me....I love the book, tapi lately cepat gila tertido....sigh*

Esok Tuesday...sigh...bila nak weekend ni?


shasha said...

err...aku skang cepat benar mengantuk,macam la gi office kena bersawah...

Leen said...

LOL, me too cepat sgt tertido bila membaca. Huhu, tp different la from you, sebab I memang x minat membaca. :)

Zuraida said...


bersawah????membanting tulang???

hi!I checked out your blog just now. Cool.