Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Less than a week to Hari Raya Aid'Fitri

Less than a week to the end of Ramadhan and everyone is buzzing with spoils from the recent sale and are all excited to celebrate the first day of Raya. As for me this year will be celebrated in moderation - just a simple family gathering, home cooked meal and baju raya that's tailored by my mom.

Oh yeah, no expensive tailoring this year.

I figured that its best to add up to my depleting savings than spend more dosh on things that are unnecessary. Of course, I am spending more time with family this year, and most probably a whole load of dosh will be spent on travelling to meet relatives and friends.

*Not in the way I initially planned last year but then what the heck - no point crying over spilt milk*

The all new single me plans to ramp up a notch this year by throwing a makan-makan with friends the first week of raya. Details are yet to be finalised but then hopefully jadi la....I miss my friends and the festivities is a good excuse to get them to drag their assess to my humble home.


Too bad I didn't get to go off from work early. Hati macam dah takde semangat nak kerja. But its okay.At least I get the whole week off next week. 9 days of bliss....heheheh.

*bunyi macam pergi spa. or maybe I should go to spa?*

Ada ke orang beraya kita sibuk nak pergi spa?


I am counting my days and excited that its coming soon.


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shasha said...

hahhaah..jom gi spa jom..aku cuti lama nih..
weyy!! mahu raya di rumah kamu juga!!