Sunday, September 6, 2009

Macam cuti tapi tak cuti

For those who get to get a day off tomorrow for Nuzul Quran,lucky you! but since my move to the new co (which is located in KL) I no longer get to enjoy the privilledge of having extra public holidays as compared to the rest of KLites.


But despite all odds here I am waiting for Tina at her place to take her out for a cuppa.And she's taking Mika with her,hehehe.


Tak sedar diri esok kerja.Mesti rasa malas nak mati.

Half of the pile for the month is still waiting on my desk.Gila.I'm expecting myself to go to the wall again till next Friday.

Oh cepat la Friday balik!Sigh.

Ok.Enough whining.Happy holidays peeps,though I'll still be crunching numbers in the office.

I bet my Tuesday will be better than yours!Evil grin.


shasha said...

hahahah..aku terasa!! sebab Tuesday punya schedule dah pack..stress!!

Anonymous said...

Monday is already a horrible day to work on and it doesn't help when your neighboring state is snoozing the day till noon. Doesn't help..... :(

Zuraida said...

tau takpe...hahaha...good luck on the rest of the week okay!

what goes around comes around. There's a possibility that they will suffer more than us..hahahah!