Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Starting to go Au Natural.....

This ad from Selamba Always got me all psyched about trying out things from Precious Me and I am glad that I did respond to the ad and got myself a thing or two from the blog owner, Salmah, because her stuff is good.

At first, I was only interested in the LemonGrass Deo Soap that claims to minimise body odor and underarm discoloration.....

Oh yeah, thats it...close up a lil bit....

*100% natural and chemical free soap*

But , Salmah gave me a sample of her home-made facial wash as well and OMG, I am loving it to bits now.....

*Facial wash suitable for all skin type and two mini sample soap - i think one of it is made of papaya*

I have been using the facial wash for about a week now and I am definitely loving it because the oil on my face is now under control, my face felt clean without any dry and taut feeling and the clean feel last for the whole day.

And I am not saying that because I got it free (yeah, since its a sample kan) neither I am paid to say good things about it...its just good.

For one my face purge a bit for the first 3 days. But after the 4th day I can see that the small little bumps on my face clearing, and that the scaring on my face (that has been there for ages) and opened pores slowly closing up.

Yes girl....lubang2 tu tertutup.

Susah okay nak jumpa that kind of result just with a normal facial wash. Maybe its the natural oils and minerals used aite?

For the past 7 days my (new) skincare regime comprise of the following....

First of all - clean make-up using a proper make-up remover. I got a bottle of Estee Lauder mini size make-up remover when I bought the Advanced Night Repair Serum so better put it to good use.

There u go....clean it all up.

Then I take a 20 cent coin size squirt of my all natural (multi purpose - yeah people, multi purpose, coz sometimes I use it as lotion too lately) facial wash, and lather it to my face as usual.....

The texture will be oily, macam pakai Shu Uemura's Oil Cleanser, then just rub it on the face till the oil absorbs in, avoiding (preferably completely) the eye area.

*sakit okay kalau masuk dalam mata. best to just avoid it at all cost*

Lepas tu just cuci macam biasa. Tak payah rub pun, just splash the water on your face and a milky like water will flow off. No soapy effect though.

I love the feeling when I splash the water on my face. I can feel my skin instantly clean.


I was told by Salmah that I don't need moisturisers or add ons to my cleansing routine, but being me yang suka tempek banyak benda atas muka, I follow on my normal routine....

*my Clarins Lip Counter Gel, Night cream (issued by doc tapi masih belum abis), Deriva pimple gel (for night), EL's Advanced Night Repair serum and La Mer eyecream*

One week later even with the holiday hecticness, I am getting a much better skin.


And guess what?

Today, as I run through my make-up case I notice that my moisturisers are running out and will last me about another two weeks or so. I was thinking, why pay top dollar when I can get better stuff that suits my skin at 1/100th of the price?

And so I called PreciousMe.

And I ordered more stuff to try on. And on top of the list is a moisturiser and a make-up remover. More plus.....she's going to see me and check out my skin first before mixing me my moisturisers and that I get better results.

Aint that great?

At the moment I got Ani to use the facial wash too and sekarang ni dah abis one-third of the bottle coz both of us are completely hooked!


Why don't u guys have a go at it?

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aQieYa said...

hai kak zue.. we met just now!
i pon tk sabar nk try the products! hehehehe