Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is one of those days I wish I am on holiday.....

Bad mood aku satu hari. By 12 noon I have (almost) shouted to a an innocent telemarketer and experience a headache the size of the himalayas. Imagine the himalayas....its freaking huge.

At the moment my head is still thudding, but then I can't take any form of meds because I am fasting. Sigh. Kan best kalau boleh lari balik umah and tido?

That was the only thing I have been thinking all morning.

Bestnye kalau boleh tido.

Bestnye kalau boleh tido.

Tapi tak boleh!


Maybe this is a case of Monday blues happening on a Tuesday sebab semalam public holidays - phewh - and I'll be damned if suddenly ada hick-up kiri kanan and I can't finish whatever I need to finish by the end of the day.


So walaupun tensi, or pening, or malas.....must.keep.my.motivation.high.and.finish.EVERYTHING!!!!.


Its ok. Its less than 2 hours till the end of working day and I have been going non-stop since morning. Hopefully, all will be well and lega la hati aku nanti nak bermovie-movie.


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shasha said...

hoh...sabar sabar...jgn terbalikkan meja dah le...