Thursday, September 17, 2009

Truth is Ugly...but The Ugly Truth Rocks with Laughter, I am adding this to my all time comedy romance favvy!

I've been calling around yesterday to ask people out for movie night, but then no one was free to go with me. I hate staying in on Wednesdays because there's nothing in local TV. Sigh. But then Cik Abang Kereta Transformer buzzed me sometime midday and made himself available to go out with me.


I have never been to the movies with Cik Abang Kereta Transformer, so at first I said maybe we'll watch Gamer instead (also starring Gerard Butler) coz its more action flick and guy-friendly movie. But he was late. and unless we want to catch the midnight show, then we were only left with one option.

To watch the Ugly Truth.

*The cute lil dance - you have to watch it to get it!*

Aku soka!!!!

*Hahahahah. Gila keji*

I have been raving about the movie since last week. And was exctatic that at least we didn't get the ultimate front row seats, because the cinema was packed. I am glad we went for it because the movie was great!

It was hillarious, fun and rauncy. We were laughing from start to end.


I love the script. It got me thinking....what a spot on and direct script! It got me all woozy when at the end she asked....

KH : Why did you love me?

GB : Beats the hell out of me, but I love you anyway.


*To understand why I sigh and the feeling that leads to that...yeah...go watch the movie*

There a lot of pointers to be taken from the movie and the way they spell is out is freaking funny. A movie to be watched by both men and women.

*I personally love the part where you should never rely on self-help books and you should burn them*

I am going to get the DVD. Its something woth watching over and over again.

To Cik Abang Kereta Transformer, (if you're reading this) thanks for accompanying me!



shasha said...

errr....nak tgk jugak....

Zuraida said...

itu la...aku ajak ko tak nak ikot!!!!

shasha said...

salam aidilfitri babe! minta maaf jika ada salah silap yer...
lepas raya nak lepak umah kamu marathon dvd..bleh ka??

Zuraida said...

selamat hari raya to u too!!!boleh boleh, bila ko nak maraton? nak marathon apa?