Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walking for a Good Cause

To those ardent walkaton fan out there, here's a good cause that comes with perks and goodies...

*the Estee Lauder's Walk the World Pink - World Without Breast Cancer*

Its open to the first 1200 participants for a small entree fee of RM30 for walkers above 13 years of age and guess what, at the end of the walk you get to grab your very own goody bag...most probably filled with EL stuff (hopefully....I'm not sure....coz the brochure didn't say anything!...heheeh).

But still, its for a good cause. It's to create awareness about breast cancer and show support to survivors of the cancer. The EL's awareness program to promote early detection of breast cancer had been conducted since 1997 and in its 12 years, had distributed more than 500,000 breast self examination instructional card and donated RM1.2 million to the cause to various charitable organisation mainly Breast Cancer Welfare Association, College of Radiology of Malaysia and most recently, The Cancer Initiatives foundation. (source : Estee Lauder Malaysia website).

Well you think they distribute the pink ribbons at the EL counter in every shopping malls for fun is it????

Its to remind everyone that early detection is crucial in fighting breast cancer!
I am going to get one today! heheheh! I got one from the counter every year and pin it to my bag proudly (okay, wherever I can pin it la...) and maybe this year I'll get a couple and spread the love.
Back to the walkaton, those of you gals interested to join can fill in the entry form that you can obtain from this link here. I am still undecided, but if I am free and get to find walking buddies why not, eh?


swit@kon said...

zue, u pegi? i dah register. if u r going, hope to see u there

shasha said...

walking?? kalo jogging minta ampun laa...hehehehe

Zuraida said...

tengah register ni, bila nak M2U sangkut me?

ni evening walk ok. aku dah tanya kat organiser dah, dia kata takde time limit pun, diorang akan tunggu sampai everyone habis. how cool id that????

jom la.

puterikurekure said...

masa tu dah raya, ok la kalau walking2 ni. pecahkan lemak yang ado hasil simpanan raya tu..

me_magic said...

hey hey hey
=) i pon pergi
(saja jee nak menyebokkk)

Zuraida said...

Dear me_magic,
lets do it together, we can chill or (brisk) walk sama sama...hehehehe..

email me.


yeah, tau takpe. heheheh.

~LIZA~ said...

i pon nak!!!!!

swit@kon said...


dah boleh tak???

Zuraida said...

dah dapat dah. will be there on the third! kalau jumpa u tregur la ye!