Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yippee, akhirnya terang benderang la rumah aku!!!

Finally, I manage to get my landlord to check the electrical wiring to the house and fixed the broken lightbulbs in both my toilets...

My sister just called and confirmed that all is fixed and in order. *grin*. Setelah sekian lama aku bergelap, now I can have people over and NOT explain why I can't turn on the bathroom lights.

Which is cool.


Yeah yeah yeah, as if its a big deal. But then it is a big deal to me, coz I am renewing my lease and tak kuasa la nak renew lease and sign off new contract with a broken household.

Phewh. Nasib baik landlord aku sangat baik hati. She didn't question much when I told her about the wiring problem. She merely got it fixed.

*grin again*

In which is good sebab kalau nak harapkan my ex-landlords sampai ko keluar umah tu la semua benda dia biarkan pecah.


Not that I break things ya....sometimes some old stuff just need new stuff la and kalau sikit-sikit tak kisahla nak repair. Ni wiring okay!

In which I can't complain sebab dengan baik hatinya dah fixed.

How many times do I repeat that again???


Happy ya amat! heheheheh!


shasha said...

hehehehe..bole belek diri dalam bilik air dah...

Zuraida said...

Tau takpe!!!hahahah!!!