Friday, October 30, 2009

Spotted - Deliciously Chic Online Boutique!

The day started off pretty bad - late morning , left my ID tag (unknown and unseen), stuck in a jam...the whole schbang - and was I in a bad mood when I finally had a sip of coffee in my system and start browing the world wide web for bits of candy to light my day when I found this site...

*Founded via - to visit dorfbury click here*

What makes me ecastatic?

When bagskaki says she has pretty good taste, I have to say that is an understatement. Dorfsbury has excellent taste, and I love the chic dresses they are carrying I wish I can fit in them.

Perhaps I could? All this while I was at UK size 14,but with all the exercise lately I noticed some parts of my body had toned up a bit....maybe just maybe I could fit one dress size down now....hmm....maybe I should start trying sizes in stores just to make sure?

What makes it (even) better is that the price is so affordable, I am salivating as I scroll down the entries.

Hmmm...define affordable you say?

How does below RM100 sound? Uhuh.....there's even below RM60.....

Oh yeah.


Now I have a new joint to get more chic dresses - apart from my existing loot!


The day doesn't feel that bad anymore.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deepavali lunch at Haresh's joint

Last Sunday was invited to Haresh's place in Kelana Jaya for lunch, and OMG....there's just so much food, I end up feeling so full the whole weekend....


That's me at his front kan umah ada wing and all. That swing was brought in directly from India, and its big enough for one person to comfortably lie down and sleep on it. Obviously I tak berani la nak baring baring kat umah orang tak tentu pasal kan...

My driver Wei Liew, again tumpang dia sebab my sense of direction kat area kawasan perumahan kat Kelana Jaya ni agak fail sikit.....sebab macam takde landmark takde apa suddenly the name of the road changed to something else and my patience quickly run short bila I tak tahu hujung pangkal kat mana.

Plus aku tak nak la mengingatkan the way that leads to my ex's house. Kalau that part of my memory terus hilang sampai bila-bila pun takpe. Coincidently Haresh's house is just like 3 minute's away from my ex' ironic.

Chun Seng was already there when we got to Haresh's, dia dah mula kacau Haresh's rotweiler yang garang nak mati aku pun tak berani nak jalan within her vicinity. Nasib baik Haresh lock that pet rotweiler of his.....kalau tak ada la yang berlari keluar dari umah dia sebelem makan.

Akan tetapi....

Haresh has a very cute pet pomeranian yang sangat manja....

Comel kan??? Ntah apa ntah nama dia, tapi anjing ni suka je go around and main with Wei Liew and Komala.

Oh yes, mesti la komala ada. Wen Chu je takde coz she was outstation on a job.

Girl, u miss the best food on earth okay.

To those who haven't set eyes on my new hair it is...tada!!!!!The colorhighlights is a tad to bright for me but after a while it does go well with the base color and I am starting to love it! Obviously a lot of people are still in shock over the color, akan tetapi there at times when I felt they saje je nak sedapkan hati I when they say " nice color".

Lantak la labu....

We started eating when Fahmi arrived....too bad Munni and Maya can't join.....macam best pulak kalau tetiba ada kids. hahahahah.

We had briyani daun pisang at Haresh's place and I tak berani nak snap gambar coz his parents and brother were all around us serving food masa makan. Hahahaha. Imagine, we ate non stop for 2 hours sebab the mom keep on putting more food in our the end, all of us ended up like this....

Terbabas okay.


Mak Haresh masak memang best. I soka. Next time jemput lagi boleh?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bila berseorangan...

Thank God for internet access via mobile,kalau tak mati la aku dok kat dewan ni sorang sorang kebosanan.Not that I am the only one in the hall,tapi since I barely knew anyone I can't really enjoy the time la kan.

To add salt to the wound one girl actually move away from sitting next to me before the seminar starts... apakah?teruk sangat ke dok sebelah aku?


Nevertheless,nasib baik there are a couple of other participants who are nice enough to talk to me.Some are even partners of local audit firms.So I can't be all that bad...

You think boleh lari keluar awal tak?They finish at 5pm,terasa macam malas nak mati la pulak.


Tapi..I'm here for my CPE hours.Nanti ponteng tak berkat baru tau.


Hollering from the National Tax Seminar @ Berjaya Times Square

I'm out of the office today,on a full day course at BTS organised by IRB.Yeay,free food.The downside of this is that I am here alone,sangat benci okay tak de geng.Dot,kenapa ko tak sign up sekali?

Ho,tetiba je.

Anyways,dah nak start.Aku sign off dulu k.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Izzy feeling more at home now....

The day has been pretty hectic, can't even check my mails till later after lunch and work is still piling like nobody's business. Mengenangkan that I'll be away tomorrow in course so I have no choice but to clear them all immediately, otherwise aku mati katak la next wednesday with closing and all.

*Suddenly kerja banyak pulak! same time last year I'll be sitting on my ass doing nothing....complain takde kerja pulak. damn*

I was fed beyond my means last weekend with annual dinner and open houses about town, and me being out means izzy being couped up all day in her playpen (yeap, I've decided to call her cage a playpen - make it sound more "friendly")but then she seems pretty settled in, sebab as soon as I let her loose, she settled most of the time....

*at my feet*

I have no idea whats so cozy about resting there but she seemed to unable to let it go. She just laze there...most of the time...


Friday, October 23, 2009

Izzy's suicide attempt

Izzy merajuk ngan I agaknya, coz I was only home after my Yin Yoga session ended at 9.30pm. That means she was alone at home all day. Plus I told her that maybe she'll be couped up all day today since I wont drop by after work and going straight to my company's annual dinner later...she stared back at me as if I've committed a capital crime. Lantak ko la labu, at least I gave you notice. Tak tinggalkan ko hanging terpinga-pinga.

To make up with the time lost today, I let her roam around the house longer yesterday. She was having fun exploring the house already, at times, going as far as the kitchen and running back to her "room" and out again. That's a good sign, a sign that she's feeling more at home.

I have to admit that I felt slightly guilty to be leaving her alone today. So I have decided that maybe that night she could be left to sleep wherever she wants, so I left her door open (as well as my bedroom that air would flow) and as I go to bed, she was posted at the feet of my bed chilling on the floor.

I don't know what time it was when I suddenly felt something on my head. As I opened my eyes I saw Izzy there on the head of the bed ready to get out of the window.....and I instantly screamed.

Don't go out the window la b*tch...nanti jatuh.


Takkan ko depress sampai nak bunuh diri?

I cepat-cepat tangkap dia, and put her back to her place and sealed the glass door shut. That's it...night out over. You have to sleep behind glass door from now on. Tak kuasa aku nanti tetiba ko lompat keluar esok aku kena cari ko kat Ground floor lifeless.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

See who's spotted with a new bag

The bag arrived while I was at work and as soon as I get into my car, I quickly unload everything from my gym bag and dump everything in to my new Gin&Jacqie Bottomless Pit Baby Bag in hot pink....

The bag is so huge, I can fit practically everything....even my gym shoes! So its such a great buy because on top of that huge bag, I got another mini tote bag, a bottle cover, a diaper mat and a mini clutch bag.

Oh so hotness!

Later that day, I got an even bigger surprise when Aishah Sinclair joined my BeHot yoga class (and was stationed next to me...ehem ehem) and was awed by her beauty and smile.

OMG, she's so cute.


I was totally smashed after the class. I slept like a log till 7.30am. Thank God my cat Izzy is so understanding.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Bonnie Cashing from NY up for grabs....

*the pink bonnie cashing is up for sale - interested? email me*

Dear all,

I have been tied up with work lately that I haven't had much time to update all of you....sob sob...but a friend of mine emailed me this bag this morning and its up for sale.

The thing is, her hubby bought her 3 of that bag when she only asked for one (best kan????bila la aku nak dapat hubby pemurah macam tu) when he was on a business trip to NY and so she decided to let the extra 2 go - one being sold recently to a close friend - another now available for sale.

Its new, 100% authentic and if anyone interested, can be flown over from Dubai (yeah, she's residing there now) on the 28th of the month. The price is definitely cheaper than KL price (since it's bought in NY) so email me if you're interested and I'll hook you up.

FYI I reap no profit out of this and simply here to help a friend sell it off.


P/s : of course kalau dapat jual dia kena la belanja aku makan kan...hehheh.....*wink wink*...kalau orang yang beli tu pun nak belanja aku makan pun boleh jugak...*double wink wink*.


Luv & hugs!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When I am stressed I eat crap all day....

I was expecting a good day as I pack my salad lunch bowl to work.But damn the stress level is a bit off the charts today that I end up eating rice after all....and stealing munchies in between mealtimes to curb the frustation boiling inside me.

Imagine what will happen to me when the real audit comes?


I munch 2 dried biscuits covered in butter and sugar....

A few keropok lekor from Julia....

Bits and pieces of twisties....

and not to forget....

The milo krunch cereal perched on the desk next to mine. I didn't even ask my deskmate for it, I simply open the jar and dip my fingers in it and help myself.

Bad. Crap.

Apa gunanya bawak salad then?


Lets look at this positively. At least I take extra greens today for lunch, despite the extra carb-load.


Please don't give me more crap tomorrow.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yoga By the Beach!

Imagine the serenity of doing yoga by the beach....the sand underneath your feet, the sound of waves, the cooling morning breeze while the sun starts warming the day.....oh such bliss.....

And imagine doing it everyday while you go on a beach holiday, damn it would have been least I thought the idea was fun because I love the beach....

Imagine how ecstatic I was when I get to know about this.....

*BeYoga Goes to Bali*

Oh my. I want this I want this I want this.....


The timing sucks because I will be stuck with year end audit at that time and my boss had already warned me in advance that "thou shall not take leave till June till all the accounts are signed, annual reports are issued and BOD meeting is wrapped". Huge bummer indicates that I should never dream of booking leave for more than a day. Huge sigh.

If only I could wisk off any time I want (and have enough money to do so), being in Bali to join BeYoga on a 5 day yoga-venture will be something to look forward to.....but then I am just another average-corporate-world-slave, sigh.....maybe one day I will have the luxury to do as I please, but for the time beaing....

Paham-paham je lah.

To the rest of you who are interested, do checkout BeYoga's Facebook page or you can call BeYoga before all the seats are taken up!

The day started with.... cat meow-ing non stop from sometime around 6am, seeking attention and pleaing to get out of his glass room. Oh yeah, I finally got a cat from Shasha, the one that she said "tak berapa kiut" coz I tak sampai hati biarkan dia rasa second-graded....hahahaha....

*and actually I kinda like that cat when we went to pick her up at Cheras the other week*


And think Izzy (oh yeah, I named her Izzy) tu baik kan? You should hear her cooing all night.....I think she only stop when she realised that all the lights were off for quite some time and its time to go to bed.


Thanks to her I was up early, manage to pack my salad for lunch and get to office on time. Knowing me I am always at least 5 minutes late, so this is a good thing. Hopefully she'll be my alarm clock for the long run and wake me up early on a daily basis.

The thing is, her existence made me forget (totally) that's its ID picture day. So.Not. Good. Dengan rambung nipis tak blow, face without make-up (minimal, co I only slabbed powder on in coz I expected the worse mondays of all mondays) and baju ala-ala....sigh.....abisla for the next couple of years I will be stuck with a very bad ID tag. Benci.

GTG. Lady boss coming.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Note from The Spirit of My Past, My Present and My To-Come

Have you seen Night Before Christmas and Ghost of Girlfriend's Past?In both movies the spirit of the past,the present and the future visited the main character and gave them a glimpse of their lives in an attempt to give an eye opener of what has happened, what is currently happening and what is yet to come if you keep on with what you're doing now. Its actually a simple lateral thinking on our behalf should we have assessed our lives on a daily basis....and this "ghost/spirits" is merely a subconcious nudge screaming "Hey, if you don't change now look at what's gonna happen to you soon".

Have you ever wondered what this spirits of yours should they give you a visit?

I've been trying to imagine a rendesvouz with my own spirits, and concluded that each of them would send me the a letter....

From : Spirit of Zuraida's Past
To : Zuraida

Dear Zuraida,

Have you looked back on what you have all these years and see how far you have gone? Have you realised that you are so blessed with fortunes in life and despite all odds, you manage to stand tall all these years (through thick and thin) and still...have you been grateful?

Sign - The Past.



I have conflicts with my past. The demon in me seems to disagree that my life has been easy peasy and gosh, at times I question what wrong have I done to get where I am now.

Because seriously, life sucks. Men keep on giving me crap, my love life is such a dissapointment. I wish I can turn back time and do certain things in a different way, but would it change anything if I had done it differently????
To my surprise, the Present answered....


From : Spirit of Zuraida's Present
To : Zuraida


Haven't the past taught you enough about life - that you should move on and work for the better of it? What's the point in thinking too much about it, because the past won't take you anywhere, its the present that churns out your future outcome.

Just think about the good things you have done you have cleaned up your life this past couple of months, and how you got stronger. It's in a good track so far and if you keepn it'll get better aite?

Sign - The Present.


Oh, she has a point. In the past 2 months I have been focusing on myself and guess what? I manage to clean up a few dirt in my closet that has been there for years, its refreshing. Now I have new goals and dreams, and though its just about me (so far) and all my longingness for some of the things of the past that I have lost, I am doing fine.

But the future scares me.


From : Spirit of Zuraida's To-Come
To : Zuraida


You will be just fine. Look all all the people around you, they have ups and downs....but they persevere and face it like a women!

Seriously, you have to be fierce and believe that you can do better. Because girl, you definitely can!

Won't believe me?

Then what happened to this girl?

Sign - The You That is Yet-To-Come


Hmmmm...point to ponder, I should go back and think more on what in life, and act now.


At least my spirits only left me notes, imagine if they come and give you a tour of your life like our oh dear Mr Scrooge got in the upcoming movie "A Christmas Carol".

But then, if those visits makes you a better person, why not?

Maybe everyone should get the chance to be visited once in a while.

Spotted - Bags Galore with October Discounts!

Boss is out and I finally get to skim through my email (triple yeay) and I got all excited when I see this in my mailbox...

*perempuan mana tak suka discount weyh?thanks for the email!*

I was so tempted by the lure of low rock bottom designer handbags that I can't help but click the link....

*click that picca it'll get u there too!*

I like what I find.....the price they offer is definitely cheaper than where I use to get my bounty of designer bags and on top of that, they also have Gin&Jacqie....which I oh-so-adore!

Quick browse in the site and found this!

*gin&Jacqie Bottomless Pitt Baby Bag - going for RM189.90*

Oh sangat cantek. I know i know, I don't have a baby, but then who says I can't convert it into a very savvy gym bag?

Cepat je I buzz Tina and gave her the link too!!!! Hahhaah...excited melampau.

I was thinking maybe I should try and grab the October offer???? So I am linking them to my bliog, and hopefully this is the start to many more vouchers to come!

*crossing my fingers...heheheh...kalau dapat diskaun you will definitely the gin&jacqie bottomless pit bag on my shoulder.....on the way to beYoga or Celebrity Fitness....of course*



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Estee Lauder Walk the World Pink Walkaton - The Day KL Tower turns Pink!

Oh, this entry is so long due. 2 weeks later pun ada lagi...hahahha...what the heck! kata bz kan....

Anyways, by the time we finish the walk semua orang dah keletihan (yelah, we have to go up and down the hill!!! Not easy okay...) so while waiting for the closing event we chilled at the centercourt....

Kena la tunggu for the event to finish because ada lucky draw!

Not that I am ever lucky....

I am definitely very very tired. Tak percaya tengokla muka sememeh ni...

And of course, before balik, took piccas at the main board with my walkaton buddies....

What's interesting is that night they turn on pink lights to the tower and it'll stay pink all up to the end of the month of October.

Cooal aite?

Friday Night Out with the Yolkies

Last Friday after the heavy food I pergi yoga (yeap, sekarang gigih menjadi yogi kembali) and straight after that, had a shower and lepak with the Yolkies kat NZ Garden @ KLCC.

Punya la lama jadi penghuni KL ni boleh tak tak pernah lepak NZ Garden before?

Nampak sangat selama ni dok bawah tempurung. Sigh.

Look at the tired face. Memang that night sangat kepenatan. But I like it that yoga is now part of my alternate day routine. It makes me feel fresh and energetic.

*plus dalam kelas yoga aku ada Cik Abang Saleh Kiut....oh my, tengok muka dia naik merah masa beryoga pun boleh cair*


Apa ni menyimpang.

Mr Yolkies cuba mengelak dari dipublicise seluruh malaysia. Malu la agaknya. Apart from goofing around there was nothing much. Nak kata I sampled any food that night pun tak jugak, because even till midnight perut ni rasa sangat bloated from the office luncheon.


Malam ni nak ikut Shasha pergi ambil kucing. Oh my , have u seen her kittens? They are so adorable!

*Makes me want to have one myself but then with my dying pets track record (oh yeah, cyber pet pun mati) kena la pikir dua tiga kali*

Thank God tomorrow is Friday! Weekend is coming soon and I can't wait to catch on with my snooze.


Makan Makan Deeparaya @ Office!

Its been quite some time since I really update this blog kan? Work has been crazy lately, nak check email pun tak times it makes me feel like I've done somewhat injustice but then nak buat macam mana....sangat sangat la tak de masa.

Last week office ada buat makan-makan, and the food was great. I soka. You guys never met my collegues yet kan? So why don't we skim through some of the photos..

*Me and Ika*

Ika ni lunchmate I every day, bersama Ms Yolkies. Hahahahah. The three of us will tapau food kat food court and hang out at eateries during lunch break on Fridays....and so far it has been a blast.

*Did I tell you about the cendawan goreng we bought every day? Fabulous okay!*

Last Friday nampak macam agak bersemangat jugak la ke ofis sebab siap pakai baju kebaya moden gold I had for Azlina's wedding two years back....

*See...kaki ala saloma di situ*

To be honest, that was the second time I pakai baju tu and never worn it since sebab tak muat (almaklumlah...berat selalu yo-yo tak hengat) but that day it fits perfectly, macam rugi pulak tak pakai.

Who knows, kalau I gain weight balik ntah bila aku nak pakai kan? Dah la the color is still so extravagant, everyone thought its new.


These are the peeps I work with.....

I tell you, they make my day everyday...especially Kak Leen, yang dok depan meja I. Hahahah. She's not in the pic though. That day dia kena off-site, so she missed the whole thing.


The food spread was generous...and we had nasi beriyani, sate, nan, spaghetti....among others....

Nak tau what's on my plate?

*Slices of kambing golek, tandoori chicken and naan*

Sedap okay kambinng golek tu..rasa macam nak lagi dan lagi dan lagi....

Okay, untuk orang yang harus berdiet statement tu agak melampau di situ....

That's the giveaways for the day.....everyone gets a set of U-Hu-Hu cupcakes to bring home and indulge in to....

I love the creme brulee!!! I took only that one and gave the rest away...

Apa? Rugi?

Nobody will eat it at home anyway, so dari membazir baik bagi my collegues that have kids at home. At least kids loves sugar....

More of the buffet spread to temp your tastebuds....

*fruit salad, banana puree desert and spagetthi - both bolognese and carbonara*

This is lady boss....

I report to her and Man Boss, and dia sangat cool.

Serious tak tipu. At times tengah tengah stress pun boleh gelak. Hahahahaha.

Those who really know me knows that I won't stop at only one next.....

*Agak rojak disitu...semua ada. Tak cukup ini spaghetti ika pun aku pau*

This is Ms Yolkies....

Not that her name is Yolkies, tapi I panggil dia Yolkies. Hahahahah!

I suppose everyone was happy with the food, because everyone was smiling from ear to ear. Tak percaya tanya ika.....

Hahahahah! See?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I feel like a drowning panda...

Life sucks big time...the loneliness, the "bosanness", the piling workload. I think come december I will be totally wiped out in between work that none of you could ever find me again. Sigh. Inilah dia, banyak kerja complain....takde kerja pun complain.



The thing is I felt like my life is pretty boring lately. No excitement whatsoever. No drama whatsoever. Nobody to bicker and bitch with now that I am oh-so-single and everything is pretty routine....only works drive me to the edge. When I leave the office at day end there's nothing else left but...

Work again.


I hate that feeling.

And everyone else seems to be busy with their own things. Sigh. So tinggal la aku keseorangan....lagi.


This sounds very very phatetic.

On another note, weekend ni Deepavali. I wish to wish all my Indian friends a very happy Deepavali....and guys, I'm looking forward to eating tosai at your home! Especially ones that is cooked by your mum!

*agak demanding di situ*

While I vie in envy those who get to go off early on Friday for Deepavali (while I am crunching numbers in office to get ready for audit next week)...I suppose free food is not to much to ask.


30 minutes to lunch hour and I just cant wait to break free!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Estee Lauder Walk the World Pink Walkaton - A Gush of Pink Patrons!

To demonstrate how many people actually turn out for the event, lets browse through some photos I manage to snap during the event...

The walk comprise of a 3.8 km walk around the KL tower area....passing through key KL roads like Jalan Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail, in which we rarely go on foot (unless on a night out...ahahahah....yeah, I remember those days when I "menapak" all the way to head to Jalan P.Ramlee....sigh...gila remaja) and it's joined by almost everyone! From kids to parents, to relatives, sibligs....and the list goes on.

The crowd cheered enthusiastically when they saw this camera men high on air to get a video shot of the participants leaving the tower.

The sight of people in pink is quite mesmerizing.

When we were on the road I can see onlookers wondering what the hell we were was so cool.

I don't understand why all the signboard piccas I took that night reflect so much light. Hahahaha. scary pun ada.

And look, even Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating the pink event...

They have the pink ribbons all over. Great!

Half way through the walk we got thirsty, and stop by Caltex to get some H2O. little that we know that....

There is actually a Plus van nearby.


The walk was a breeze because I got MissyCha and her buddies.

Wink wink.