Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deepavali lunch at Haresh's joint

Last Sunday was invited to Haresh's place in Kelana Jaya for lunch, and OMG....there's just so much food, I end up feeling so full the whole weekend....


That's me at his front kan umah ada wing and all. That swing was brought in directly from India, and its big enough for one person to comfortably lie down and sleep on it. Obviously I tak berani la nak baring baring kat umah orang tak tentu pasal kan...

My driver Wei Liew, again tumpang dia sebab my sense of direction kat area kawasan perumahan kat Kelana Jaya ni agak fail sikit.....sebab macam takde landmark takde apa suddenly the name of the road changed to something else and my patience quickly run short bila I tak tahu hujung pangkal kat mana.

Plus aku tak nak la mengingatkan the way that leads to my ex's house. Kalau that part of my memory terus hilang sampai bila-bila pun takpe. Coincidently Haresh's house is just like 3 minute's away from my ex' ironic.

Chun Seng was already there when we got to Haresh's, dia dah mula kacau Haresh's rotweiler yang garang nak mati aku pun tak berani nak jalan within her vicinity. Nasib baik Haresh lock that pet rotweiler of his.....kalau tak ada la yang berlari keluar dari umah dia sebelem makan.

Akan tetapi....

Haresh has a very cute pet pomeranian yang sangat manja....

Comel kan??? Ntah apa ntah nama dia, tapi anjing ni suka je go around and main with Wei Liew and Komala.

Oh yes, mesti la komala ada. Wen Chu je takde coz she was outstation on a job.

Girl, u miss the best food on earth okay.

To those who haven't set eyes on my new hair it is...tada!!!!!The colorhighlights is a tad to bright for me but after a while it does go well with the base color and I am starting to love it! Obviously a lot of people are still in shock over the color, akan tetapi there at times when I felt they saje je nak sedapkan hati I when they say " nice color".

Lantak la labu....

We started eating when Fahmi arrived....too bad Munni and Maya can't join.....macam best pulak kalau tetiba ada kids. hahahahah.

We had briyani daun pisang at Haresh's place and I tak berani nak snap gambar coz his parents and brother were all around us serving food masa makan. Hahahaha. Imagine, we ate non stop for 2 hours sebab the mom keep on putting more food in our the end, all of us ended up like this....

Terbabas okay.


Mak Haresh masak memang best. I soka. Next time jemput lagi boleh?


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Lea Shmea said...

i love highlights! they look great on u kak zue. :)

btw, use brown for your eyebrow. it'll light up your whole face. sbb rambut kan dah brown. lagi cantik. hehe.