Thursday, October 8, 2009

Estee Lauder Walk the World Pink Walkaton - Pre-Walk

I did finally made it for the walkaton for two reasons - I paid for it (and that entitles me to a t-shirt and a goodie bag) and MissyCha is going to be there I am not alone. To my surprise there are tons (okay, that's an understatement...actually there is more than a thousand) people yeah, it's really a huge event.

I also manage to climb up and down the KL Tower hill twice - once to go up the first time I came for the registration, and the second time, on the way imagine the tiredness I felt the nest day. But then the walk is pretty fun...for the first time I get to see KL on foot and its quite an pretty sight when the air is cool and breezy....but that story is for the next post.

This one is about the pre-run.

After 10 minute climb to the hilltop I found the que to pick up my shirt and registration slips...

Nasib baik the que was pretty short. I get to get my tee immediately.

At that moment I was still a bit of a wanderer - mostly tired of the uphill climb, totally clueless of the people around me - but everyone seem to be in good spirit!

Especially when we drop our lucky draw ballots in the ballot box!

I dropped mine there too and had a quick change of tee at one of the portable toilets.

Which is (oh my) very inconvenient.

Because one, you can never be sure of the cleanliness because there's not even a flush in it, two- there's no toilet tissue paper to be found anywhere, and three - they all look as if they've been run down by something at one point of time.

My first ever experience in a portable loo and I hope to never repeat it.


I do sweat in between the heat but thank God my make-up is still intact.

Oh yeah, me don't look to bad, considering I sweat like a (pink) pig.


First order of the day is to find a drink! Haus okay panjat bukit tinggi tinggi, and luckyly we have a MILO van that distribute cool ice milo. But then tengokla line dia....

It went on and on non-stop okay. Tapi sebab panas, I went in line twice, and every time I took two cups.



Back to the event....

The walkaton is organised by Estee Lauder to create breast cancer awareness among Malaysians as well as raise funds to support breast cancer research and aid efforts to various charitable organisations locally. Its a worldwide event, and this year alone we manage to raise about RM1.2 million at our homeland (as at event date).

Apart from coverage from MixFM, we also have a one-on-one talk with breast cancer survivors as well as booth promoting self breast examinations.

That day alone there are more than 1,200 people strutting in pink - the color of the campaign - and they are taking advantage of the event not only to have fun with family and friends, but also learn more on how to prevent and deal with cancer.

Oh's something interesting.....


It's used to demonstrate how to accurately do a breast self-examination exam! (and hopefully for no other purpose).

I see a lot of good in this event, because even the kids get to participate and learn about breast cancer.

The event site is decorated in the spirit of pink too....

Cantek kan!!!!!

I love the world map....

That's me almost an hour later...despite the sweating still maintain cool. Hahahah! Power make up aku hari ni!

The cheerleaders manage to pull the crowd in and create a buzz during the event with some of their cheer routines...

They manage to pull in two routines and boy everyone was all eyes on them.

Tak rasa nervous ke standing on thin air like that?

I suppose if its me I will immediately lose balance and jatuh coz I have this fear of heights....and lack of trust issues, so definitely ada this mindset inside my head yang immediately go...."bila la nak jatuh ni?".....

But they remain strong....and fun too....

What surprises me most is that I can see people from all walks of life joining the event - men, women, old young - it's like everyone is there to give support.

Obviously a lot of people are affected with cancer, not only cancer survivors but also family members and friends, and maybe this is a way to understand the situation better and adapt.

The survivors who where there seem somewhat happy. Most of the time they were running around the place smiling.

And yes, ada celebrity...but hell no I don't meet any of them. But their goodie bags are even nicer, siap ada payung color pink and a recycable hell yeah rugi la mana-mana celebrity tu yang dijemput but didn't show up.

They should have just buzzed me and give me their goodie bag. Hehehehe.

So how was the race you ask?

Nak tau sila tunggu episod seterusnya. And obviously, more pink piccas to come!


swit@kon said...

i nampak u. gila malu nak segan. taktau nak cakap ape.

AkUfiZA™ said...

hei .. siyes, u look good in pink :D

shasha said...

pink pink and pink...serius...pinknya...aku tak sesuwai pakai pink wehh!

Zuraida said...

u saw me and didn't say hi??? kenapa???? kenapa mesti segan???

oh mucho thanks! That day everyone pakai pink, even the guys! Its so fun to watch!

mana ko tau ko tak sesuai?

swit@kon said...

segan aaa. dah aa baca blog u. tau kisah2 u. tapi first time jumpe, i kelu. hahaha

Zuraida said...

swit@kon, you should just said hi. I pergi sana pun with blogger MissyCha.