Friday, October 9, 2009

Estee Lauder Walk the World Pink Walkaton - Pink Cheer

Oh my, its already Friday? How time flies. It has been a hectic week (yeah, pretty evident by the lack of postings recently), I was so busy I am screaming for more hours in a day. Sigh. Maybe its a good thing, hmmmm, maybe its not....but rather than being at home alone I might as well be at work and do something aite?

I still have more pics from the walkaton last week that I am (dying) to share. Hahahahah. I love them all, it looks so nice.

*yeah, with everyone in pink.....selalunya its basic colors je...hitam, brown, white.....but now its pink!*


Now that i get to get a breather (because it's Friday) so maybe I can share this short clip of the cheerleader's act last weekend.....

Comel kan?

You guys have a great day ahead....I want to kill my workload before the high tea starts at 4pm (oh yes, makan-makan lagi kat ofis).


shasha said...

happy weekends babe! marilah kita sama2 memenuhi jemputan open house yg tak abis2 nih...asik makan je aku...

Zuraida said...

Happy weekend to you too babe!