Monday, October 12, 2009

Estee Lauder Walk the World Pink Walkaton - A Gush of Pink Patrons!

To demonstrate how many people actually turn out for the event, lets browse through some photos I manage to snap during the event...

The walk comprise of a 3.8 km walk around the KL tower area....passing through key KL roads like Jalan Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail, in which we rarely go on foot (unless on a night out...ahahahah....yeah, I remember those days when I "menapak" all the way to head to Jalan P.Ramlee....sigh...gila remaja) and it's joined by almost everyone! From kids to parents, to relatives, sibligs....and the list goes on.

The crowd cheered enthusiastically when they saw this camera men high on air to get a video shot of the participants leaving the tower.

The sight of people in pink is quite mesmerizing.

When we were on the road I can see onlookers wondering what the hell we were was so cool.

I don't understand why all the signboard piccas I took that night reflect so much light. Hahahaha. scary pun ada.

And look, even Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating the pink event...

They have the pink ribbons all over. Great!

Half way through the walk we got thirsty, and stop by Caltex to get some H2O. little that we know that....

There is actually a Plus van nearby.


The walk was a breeze because I got MissyCha and her buddies.

Wink wink.

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