Monday, October 5, 2009


Men, when they want you, they promise u the earth, the sun and the moon.....tapi bila dah tak nak tu agak melampau jugak perangai la sampai tak ingat apa dah. Statement apakah ini? Well, let's just say that they forget fast.


Alkisah siang tadi my ex sms'ed me to borrow my camera, but then its not with me, too bad. So since the wedding ring I bought for him is still in his safekeeping I just offhand reminded him that I want it back.

Which is valid. Takkan ko nak kawin ngan orang lain pakai cincin yang aku belikan untuk kau?

Agak keji di situ kan?

Tetiba je dia amuks. Started to utter words like "you tak hargai apa yang I dah buat untuk you selama ni" and "bila dah macam ni boleh you demand-demand". Hello!!!! I am not asking for the ring you bought me, I am asking for the one I bought for you! Which is not yours in the first place sebab you decided to marry someone else.


At some point I don't feel like arguing anymore, tears just stream down my face.


If you're such a cheapskate just wear it. And remember for the rest of your life that I bought that ring for you and you cheated me out of it.....pity your wife can't get you one.

Now I am starting to regret every minute of me being with him. Kenapa la aku boleh end up macam ni? Maybe its a good thing that he walks, and despite trying my best to stay neutral and not to hate and regret, maybe its a good time to start now.



shada JD said...


sorry to interrupt but be strong k?
maybe takde rezeki to get back the ring but you know..Tuhan akan selalu bagi double,triple later on.

there's one sentence i always friend gave it to me years ago.
he said,kita jumpa yang salah utk jumpa yang betul.
so,banyak2 bersabar OK?

Zuraida said...

Hi shada,
thanks for the kind words...*smile*....selalu je jumpa Mr Wrong, bila nak jumpa Mr Right?

missycha said...

amacam new nickname i?

:) be strong darlingggggg!