Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I feel like a drowning panda...

Life sucks big time...the loneliness, the "bosanness", the piling workload. I think come december I will be totally wiped out in between work that none of you could ever find me again. Sigh. Inilah dia, banyak kerja complain....takde kerja pun complain.



The thing is I felt like my life is pretty boring lately. No excitement whatsoever. No drama whatsoever. Nobody to bicker and bitch with now that I am oh-so-single and everything is pretty routine....only works drive me to the edge. When I leave the office at day end there's nothing else left but...

Work again.


I hate that feeling.

And everyone else seems to be busy with their own things. Sigh. So tinggal la aku keseorangan....lagi.


This sounds very very phatetic.

On another note, weekend ni Deepavali. I wish to wish all my Indian friends a very happy Deepavali....and guys, I'm looking forward to eating tosai at your home! Especially ones that is cooked by your mum!

*agak demanding di situ*

While I vie in envy those who get to go off early on Friday for Deepavali (while I am crunching numbers in office to get ready for audit next week)...I suppose free food is not to much to ask.


30 minutes to lunch hour and I just cant wait to break free!!!

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