Thursday, October 8, 2009

More on Project Alpha

I made a rendesvouz to Nuffnang's office in KL yesterday to pick up my winnings from this entry yesterday....I think by the time I get there the girl new that it was me at the door because I keep on calling them non-stop for direction.

*Sebab seriously, I totally forgot where Heritage Row is...padahal dulu tiap-tiap minggu ke sana. Sigh. Getting old perhaps?*

The office was so cool -all so laid back and artsy - I suppose that's how creative people work..... because if you ask me its so different (like langit and bumi I might say) as compared to my office.

*yeah, my office is like a warzone....with paper barricades and the sound of the keyboard firing away like a machine gun - and loony's who scream out of a sudden, as if kena sudden attack. Serious tak tipu. Office Nuffnang is so peace and my yoga class*

I got a bag full of goodies and can't wait to use it....and obviously when I do use it you guys will get to know about it. *grin*. So stay tuned. Hahahahah!

So far Project Alpha has featured 3 bloggers - namely FourFeetNine, NicoleKiss and RedMummy - and next in line is the oh-so-notorious (hmmm, at least I think so la) Kenny Sia. Personally I am looking forward to watching the next traveller blogger and feature more about him but then when I see this promo clip I can't just help but wonder....

*Courtesy of YouTube*

1) Is he really that notorious?

If you know Kenny Sia you would know that he's not shy of scandal (hohoho.....Google the piccas and you will find....don't expect me to publish it here!), outspoken and very vocal in public. There's no stopping him from going bonkers and totally out of line, which he proves many times over, like in this pic from the last stand Out Party...

The thing is....don't he get tired? is he really out of his mind all the time? Or is he just acting out to seek attention but behind close doors, he's just as normal as the rest of us?

*God forbids if he ever is normal....heheheh. No offence ya Kenny. Maybe its a good thing.*

(2) Kenny Yoga?

The footage of Kenny with the yoga pose made me laugh....hahahaha...coz seriously, its funny. Its a total wishwash, but at least he made an effort aite???

(3) Is there a sensitive side to him?

Since he is so wacky most of the time I wonder if he is ever a sensitive of anything. I have a friend who is all macho but when it comes to his girlfriend they chicken out and became a total mouse.He don't blog about feelings (coz I suppose its not manly, unlike us sisters) but then, will there be dirt behind all those wackiness and goofiness he projects?

(4) Will we go "eewww!!!" if we get a peek in his bedroom?

Well, who knows. When we got a peek of FourFeetNine's bedroom some of us go gaga, the rest not so excited. Would Jojo find hidden secrets in it?

*cehcehceh...macam cari harta karun*


I can go on and on all day, but then hey, whats the fun in talking about it of you didn't watch the show aite? You can view via YouTube, and if your a nuffnanger, even better....just keep posted to the Project alpha tab in

And of course....I'll be watching it too.

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