Friday, October 16, 2009

A Note from The Spirit of My Past, My Present and My To-Come

Have you seen Night Before Christmas and Ghost of Girlfriend's Past?In both movies the spirit of the past,the present and the future visited the main character and gave them a glimpse of their lives in an attempt to give an eye opener of what has happened, what is currently happening and what is yet to come if you keep on with what you're doing now. Its actually a simple lateral thinking on our behalf should we have assessed our lives on a daily basis....and this "ghost/spirits" is merely a subconcious nudge screaming "Hey, if you don't change now look at what's gonna happen to you soon".

Have you ever wondered what this spirits of yours should they give you a visit?

I've been trying to imagine a rendesvouz with my own spirits, and concluded that each of them would send me the a letter....

From : Spirit of Zuraida's Past
To : Zuraida

Dear Zuraida,

Have you looked back on what you have all these years and see how far you have gone? Have you realised that you are so blessed with fortunes in life and despite all odds, you manage to stand tall all these years (through thick and thin) and still...have you been grateful?

Sign - The Past.



I have conflicts with my past. The demon in me seems to disagree that my life has been easy peasy and gosh, at times I question what wrong have I done to get where I am now.

Because seriously, life sucks. Men keep on giving me crap, my love life is such a dissapointment. I wish I can turn back time and do certain things in a different way, but would it change anything if I had done it differently????
To my surprise, the Present answered....


From : Spirit of Zuraida's Present
To : Zuraida


Haven't the past taught you enough about life - that you should move on and work for the better of it? What's the point in thinking too much about it, because the past won't take you anywhere, its the present that churns out your future outcome.

Just think about the good things you have done you have cleaned up your life this past couple of months, and how you got stronger. It's in a good track so far and if you keepn it'll get better aite?

Sign - The Present.


Oh, she has a point. In the past 2 months I have been focusing on myself and guess what? I manage to clean up a few dirt in my closet that has been there for years, its refreshing. Now I have new goals and dreams, and though its just about me (so far) and all my longingness for some of the things of the past that I have lost, I am doing fine.

But the future scares me.


From : Spirit of Zuraida's To-Come
To : Zuraida


You will be just fine. Look all all the people around you, they have ups and downs....but they persevere and face it like a women!

Seriously, you have to be fierce and believe that you can do better. Because girl, you definitely can!

Won't believe me?

Then what happened to this girl?

Sign - The You That is Yet-To-Come


Hmmmm...point to ponder, I should go back and think more on what in life, and act now.


At least my spirits only left me notes, imagine if they come and give you a tour of your life like our oh dear Mr Scrooge got in the upcoming movie "A Christmas Carol".

But then, if those visits makes you a better person, why not?

Maybe everyone should get the chance to be visited once in a while.


f.i.e.z.a said...

i like this post!

my love life isnt dat pretty as well but i still keep dat bad memories in mind.
i guess its better to just move on positively..

wish u'll meet ur mr right soon!

ERMAYUM said...

the best is yet to come dear- hang on there

naji said...

heyyy..I just finished watching Ghost of Girlfriends Past..Like 20 mins ago.hehe..i wish i was visited by my past spirit too.But not my future..x brani...

Zuraida said...

Thanks fieza!!!its okay, life is a rollercoaster kan, it would be drab if there's no drama aite? hahahaha! u hang in there, more good things is yet to come.

dear ermayum,
thanks! hanging here still and praying for the best.

I think that movie is a good chick flick.*smile*.