Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh my body is aching all over.....

....and such, I know the stretching and posing in my yogilates class yesterday is taking effect.


Was up till 2am yesterday hanging out with my new favourite couple, the Yolkies, at NZ Garden last night. If I was not so tired then it would have been more fun, but then they were great and funny, and despite yawning every 20 minutes or so I still manage to enjoy myself.


Nothing much was on today except for a wedding of a family friend. Sigh. I officially hate weddings now, its a reminder of things that "could have been" and what a bummer. No offense, of course if my friends are getting hitched I'll be happy for them and will be honored to help them out the best way I can but...sigh...I still haven't got past that phase yet. I am still dealing with my issues. And its freaking....hmmm.....annoying.


Its okay. Baby steps.

My evil sister get to be the MC for today. Tak sangka adik aku ada bakat meng"MC". Boleh lah...practice makes perfect kan sis?

Watching a talk on retirement planning at TV3 now and I think maybe thats a good idea to focus.


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