Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rushing a deadline with pain thudding in my ears...

I have this ear infection since Sunday and God it becomes really really annoying last night at it throbs non-stop with pain. Nak tido tak boleh, tak tido tak boleh....I was then regretting the fact that I actually turn down the pain killers offered by my doctor yesterday.

*ye la, ingatkan its bearable kan, mana la tau rasanya bagai nak mati. as if I know how death felt*

With lack of sleep obviously I felt a bit down this morning but I still dragged myslef to work, in between the gushing pain, started to fret about my weight issues....

Damn. Losing weight is a bitch. The downward feeling of not losing (enough) weight and lack of sleep (plus the throbbing pain) is even more bitchy.


Well, no worries.

Despite all that there is a silver lining today. Guess who's entry won third prize of the first week Project Alpha blogging contest?

*sila zoom for details*

Not bad aite?

So there is something to look forward to this week since....

*huge grin*

Now I just have to call Nuffnang and check out where's the office.

*double huge grin - owh now even grinning is painful*

Thanks Nuffnang!!!! Me love you....especially the 5 free tix to Sunway Lagoon that'll be in my hands soon!

Now back to work.

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