Thursday, October 22, 2009

See who's spotted with a new bag

The bag arrived while I was at work and as soon as I get into my car, I quickly unload everything from my gym bag and dump everything in to my new Gin&Jacqie Bottomless Pit Baby Bag in hot pink....

The bag is so huge, I can fit practically everything....even my gym shoes! So its such a great buy because on top of that huge bag, I got another mini tote bag, a bottle cover, a diaper mat and a mini clutch bag.

Oh so hotness!

Later that day, I got an even bigger surprise when Aishah Sinclair joined my BeHot yoga class (and was stationed next to me...ehem ehem) and was awed by her beauty and smile.

OMG, she's so cute.


I was totally smashed after the class. I slept like a log till 7.30am. Thank God my cat Izzy is so understanding.



peej said...

weoww..sudah runcing uolls...clap clap..
mak jugak masih besar mcm keretapi..yeekk..

Lea Shmea said...

waahh kak zue dh slim melim nmpknya. must be all the yoga. hehe. :)

shasha said...

wohhh!!! aku suka dia...suka dia...tgk iklan olay tuh la buat aku jatuh cinta ngan kulit dia!!

Zuraida said...

oh rakan-rakan...sila jangan tertipu dengan angle gambar times still rasa macam kembang semangkuk jugak.

but yes, badan lately terasa ringan dan sangat bertenaga....I am pretty sure its all the yoga.

AkUfiZA™ said...

thats cool beb :D

Zuraida said...

thanks akufiza! kalau nak bag tu u can always go to blogskaki!

naji said...

u make me wanna ditch my very very old gym backpack lah..hehe..nice colour!

Zuraida said...

oh sila ditch and buy a new one...heheheheh.