Friday, October 16, 2009

Spotted - Bags Galore with October Discounts!

Boss is out and I finally get to skim through my email (triple yeay) and I got all excited when I see this in my mailbox...

*perempuan mana tak suka discount weyh?thanks for the email!*

I was so tempted by the lure of low rock bottom designer handbags that I can't help but click the link....

*click that picca it'll get u there too!*

I like what I find.....the price they offer is definitely cheaper than where I use to get my bounty of designer bags and on top of that, they also have Gin&Jacqie....which I oh-so-adore!

Quick browse in the site and found this!

*gin&Jacqie Bottomless Pitt Baby Bag - going for RM189.90*

Oh sangat cantek. I know i know, I don't have a baby, but then who says I can't convert it into a very savvy gym bag?

Cepat je I buzz Tina and gave her the link too!!!! Hahhaah...excited melampau.

I was thinking maybe I should try and grab the October offer???? So I am linking them to my bliog, and hopefully this is the start to many more vouchers to come!

*crossing my fingers...heheheh...kalau dapat diskaun you will definitely the gin&jacqie bottomless pit bag on my shoulder.....on the way to beYoga or Celebrity Fitness....of course*




shasha said...

errr...beg apa lagi yg ada??

Zuraida said...

dia banyak coach wristlet, thirtyfour bags and belts pun ada....just go tothe site la and check them out. If the discounts is applicable is kinda affordable jugak.

p/s: masih termimpi2 kucing kelabu semalam...tapi RM200? Discount tak boleh mintak ke?

shasha said...

babe...nak tak kucing smlm yg aku amik tuh? half price...huhuhu

Zuraida said...

bagi murah la....mark down to RM25! Hujung minggu ni jugak aku beli barang dia...

chewah, melampau.

Ninie Ahmad said...

Do you know that Jacqie of gin & Jacqie is always at BE Yoga, in fact I think she was in the same class you were on Sunday.

And the pretty bags hanging around BE Yoga bamboo sticks are from gin & Jacqie as well - only for RM18 and ALL proceed goes to Breast Cancer Welfare Association :)

Zuraida said...

Hi Ninie!

Ye ke?Last Sunday I was lurking around Ken's class and wonder which one is the way I am getting the G&J bag!


see u next class!