Friday, October 30, 2009

Spotted - Deliciously Chic Online Boutique!

The day started off pretty bad - late morning , left my ID tag (unknown and unseen), stuck in a jam...the whole schbang - and was I in a bad mood when I finally had a sip of coffee in my system and start browing the world wide web for bits of candy to light my day when I found this site...

*Founded via - to visit dorfbury click here*

What makes me ecastatic?

When bagskaki says she has pretty good taste, I have to say that is an understatement. Dorfsbury has excellent taste, and I love the chic dresses they are carrying I wish I can fit in them.

Perhaps I could? All this while I was at UK size 14,but with all the exercise lately I noticed some parts of my body had toned up a bit....maybe just maybe I could fit one dress size down now....hmm....maybe I should start trying sizes in stores just to make sure?

What makes it (even) better is that the price is so affordable, I am salivating as I scroll down the entries.

Hmmm...define affordable you say?

How does below RM100 sound? Uhuh.....there's even below RM60.....

Oh yeah.


Now I have a new joint to get more chic dresses - apart from my existing loot!


The day doesn't feel that bad anymore.


shasha said...

apa plan this weekend??

Zuraida said...

banyak bday party la this weekend. u?

Penjejak said...

sip a coffee?..must be in blues mood..hehe