Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When I am stressed I eat crap all day....

I was expecting a good day as I pack my salad lunch bowl to work.But damn the stress level is a bit off the charts today that I end up eating rice after all....and stealing munchies in between mealtimes to curb the frustation boiling inside me.

Imagine what will happen to me when the real audit comes?


I munch 2 dried biscuits covered in butter and sugar....

A few keropok lekor from Julia....

Bits and pieces of twisties....

and not to forget....

The milo krunch cereal perched on the desk next to mine. I didn't even ask my deskmate for it, I simply open the jar and dip my fingers in it and help myself.

Bad. Crap.

Apa gunanya bawak salad then?


Lets look at this positively. At least I take extra greens today for lunch, despite the extra carb-load.


Please don't give me more crap tomorrow.

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