Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm A Sherlock Home In the Making....

...and I bet I can solve the mysteries and bring down the baddies...just like Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr Watson do!

And yes siree, I am going to prove myself!


Nuffnang is giving out tix to the premier screening of Sherlock Holmes 2 days before its official release in Malaysia and to get my hands on the tix, I would need to trace this mystery image in two nuffnang blogger blogs.

Of course they gave us a clue...otherwise macam mana nak cari tak?

Using my wit, my charm (wink wink) and the prowess on the internet, I traced the mystery picture to this two's a screenshot!


To spot the pic in cheesie's blog is a bit tough, coz it took quite a while to load all her Disneyland HK piccas. Nevertheless, you can spot it with a keen eye! Hahahhahaah!



So now that I solved the mystery, can I get the tixs?


To be excited, or not to be excited....

Some love it, some don't...but I am a lover of the Twilight books, so its so natural to me that I got tix tomorrow to see the latest installment of the saga recently launched in the cinemas...

I know, the first one movie could be made better but a lot of people do say that this movie is actually better than the last one.

So I am packing my blankets and getting all comfy tomorrow at Platinum Cineplex.


Weight Loss Tracker

Being in constant struggle with weight is a bitch, but then it helps to have free online weight loss tracker handy from time to time, especially when you are counting calories and keeping tabs of the workout to progress over time. My favourite weight loss tracker is from Prevention.Com.

Nak sign up senang je. Just go to the website and click to the "My Health Tracker" tab at the far right of the page. Fill in a simple registration form and voila! Off you go and start tracking your food intake and exercise regime.

So once you have registered you can update your goals and measurements under the profile tab and respective weight and measurement tabs. The online tool will automatically calculate your average required daily consumption based on your profile, so take your time to fill it in to reflect the lifestyle you're in. I punya quite simple, sebab my lifestyle is mostly sedentary with medium amount of workout, so they calculated that my total calories consumption should be somewhere in between 1200 to 1500 calories.

*Its almost accurate if you really fill in the profile honestly. My computation actually agrees with my electronic weight scanner kat umah. Sehari I burn and require about 1300 to 1400 calories*

What's good about this tracker is that you can update it on a daily basis...katalah gung ho kan....tapi kalau update periodically pun takpe (say a once a week ke or so)....they still can generate an updated bi-weekly and monthly report of your progress and measurement.

*sample of my entry today*

The section you will need to religiously update is the "Food Eaten" part and the "Activities and Exercise". I love the fact that you can custom your own food in the Food Eaten section, so kalau ambik nasi lemak ke, roti canai ke kan, memang sah la takde those items in their food u just customise the calorie/nutriemt content and add it to your customised food list. The only challenge is to get the info, tapi at bare minimum if your calculating calories for sure you tau calories intake you berapa, so we can just update that.

If you have a more comprehensive calorie and nutrient info and auto generated report can be made on the percentage of food eaten - broken down to carbs, protein and fat percentage. Nak lagi gung ho the nutrients pun boleh sub-analyse you can also keep track of the vitamins and minerals in food consumed.

Cool isn't it?

The only downside is that the "Activities and Exercise" list is a bit short. And tak boleh customise, so kalau buat activity-activity biasa (like running, swimming, jogging, walking, biking....the more general one's) boleh la you imput in to your online journal. Kata la you nak tab in weightlifting in detail tu kira kirim salam je la.

But still boleh la. Bukannya kita exercise gila-gila pun kan.

At the end of the day (or any period u wish, seminggu ke, sebulan ke) you can view various reports as follows....

Handy kan? Tak payah sibuk sibuk nak tekan calculator dah. Siap ada graf sekali.

Point to note : having an online health tracker would not guarantee weight loss unless you use the information to improve your eating and exercise habits.

Obviously the health tracker is a tool to help you look back and improve your diet and exercise regime. At any point of time you will have the ease of looking back at history of food eaten and take note of what you should or should not eat or do. On top of that, it can be quite a powerful tool as it makes you set a goal and work towards the goal you desire.

Tapi apa gunanya tool ni kalau tak update kan?And tak pernah review and ambik iktibar kan?

*Sigh. Terkena batang hidung sendiri. Grin*

Since I dah ada reliable broadband access for the next 3 months I vow to religiously update my health tracker. *grin*. Bukan sekadar nak lose weight saje, tapi juga to take advantage of their recipe book on eatingf healthy.

So expect a lot of home cooked meals this month!


Peace to living healthy!

Dress Like the Stars...with your purse intact!

Morning ya peeps!!!!!First of all, how's your weekend? Best? Mestilakan....raya. Dapat jumpa relatives and kawan-kawan, lepak with free flow food and drinks. *grin*. As you already know by now I spent my time recuperating and getting back on my feet to pretty old me, and guess what I found today?

More online boutiques to drool over, and spend money on! Hahahahah! But jangan risau jangan risau, obviously I love bargains kan? So this next feature is another good bargain for all you fashion frolics out there, sebab surprised or not, the price is oh-so-affordable. And when I say that, I can vouch that its mostly below RM100.


Let's go to our new peep of the week.

*DNA Celebrity Style - click here for direct link*

Founded by two local celebrities, Dynas Mokhtar and Awal Ashari, the boutique brings in chic and up-to-date designs that is simply hard to resist.

What, sape diorang?

Where the heck have you guys been?

*tak kenal lagi? Kan Awal sangat famous with One in A Million.....sigh*

The best thing about this sales blog is that it offers both male and female attire, so you get the best of both worlds in quite affordable price. To all you ladies out there who will be checking the blog now, don't get disheartened by the long list of male shirts when you first get into the page, scroll further down and you will find very very very pretty dresses that you can frock on day and night.

My biggest worry will be that the shop won't carry anything in my size, coz to be honest kalau compare I and Dynas memang tak sama size la hahahahahah! But then who knows kan, mana tau dia simpan a few stocks in my size? or free size perhaps? *grin* So maybe I will check out their outlet at Hartamas over the weekend and see what they have to offer.

*Big grin...aku suka shopping. maybe while I'm at it I should drag komala with me. Dia tengah cari dress for annual dinner*

Piccas courtesy of you like them drop me a comment okay!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Izzy the IT geek

Izzy loves to sit on the keyboard. Sometimes I have to drag her off the keyboard so I can actually work on my lappy and she will pull an innocent face on me as if she did nothing wrong.

And yeah, she loves to sit on my handphone too. Tak payah la tanya kenapa. Sometimes she purposely slept on my handphone and I mati-mati la cari my handphone ingat I misplaced it somewhere just to find it underneath her belly.

My cat loves gadget. Hahahhahaah!

Anyways, to show how much she enjoys dvd's like I do....

But Izzy doesn't care much for Fringe...which I heart big time! She loves chick flick....and she watched Greek Season 2 day in and day out with me last week.

*and yeah, Izzy wants to say thank you to Mrs Dot for lending her the DVD. Nanti Izzy pulangkan ye...*

Shopping Day...Yeehaa!!!!!

Okay, a lot of money burnt today....but I'm so happy coz its been ages since I do go out and shop this way....hehehhehe....mentang-mentang dah gaji and dah sihat...hehehhe.....


I dragged my sis to meet Salmah, the owner of PreciousMe All Natural Products, to get our supply of facial wash and such. Since I switch my facial care regime to PreciousMe goods, I have been seeing positive results on my skin and been saving a lot of till I go immune I suppose I'll stick to the skin care rage she can offer, and this round, I also ordered a couple more goodies that I hope can make my skin even better....

I ordered the rosewater anti acne toner, strawberry body scrub (that smells so yummylicious), my favourite liquid facial wash (in which my sis and I are a huge fan off, seriously, this thing work wonders for people yang malas nak pakai moisturiser), a mineral face pawder (which is new! and since my BodyShop face powder dah abis, so I decided to try hers), a sample size of aloe vera and pearl moisturiser and she threw in a lip balm free!!!!

Aku soka!!!!!

Review sila tunggu minggu depan. I wanna use them for a week or two first before giving a verdict.


After hanging out with Salmah at Hailam Kopitiam over Jasmine Honey tea (yang sangat bagus for my cough!), my sister and I head to Tropicana City Mall. I was all a buzzed over the new mall coz it has a lot of shops to offer and was hoping that they have interesting food outlets to try. But too bad, kat sana makan-makan still tak banyak choice...akan tetapi tempat shopping baju sangat la banyak.

In which I end up home with these....

6 pairs of tops and 2 pairs of bottoms....and I found the leggings that I have been searching for ages for just RM30. Quite a bargain aite? And semua tempat dah on sale now okay. Lagi la gumbira!

Apa, kenapa banyak color hitam???

Seriously, I tak tau. Hehehehe. Itu je yang nampak menarik, and trust me, my sister approved. Kalau I have extra budget maybe you will see more, tapi with december in tow and ada plans nak pergi holiday, so I have to keep my budget in check. Nanti kalau takde duit macam mana nak berholiday kan?

My biggest excitement is that I can fit into M size now. Yippee!!!!And for that, I have to give thanks to FarahFoxy and Celebrity Fitness and Beyoga. *grin* Kalau tak dulu asyik kena beli XL je. Sekarang dah balik to M and L. Gila gembira. Sikit lagi I can actually steal my sister's stuff (and lock my wardrobe so she won't steal mine).Heheheheh.

Oops. Got to get ready coz later nak hang out with Komala and Wei Liew. Komala ajak teman dia shopping and later we are catching a movie. Wei Liew wanna watched 2012....second round la aku nampaknya.Maybe diorang boleh subsidy movie tix?



Pakcik pakcik polis Taman Tun area ni sangat rajin smaan menyaman.Not that I am totally innocent in the first place (yeah, there are times that I just simply deserve it) tapi diorang ni memang cekap dan amanah sampaikan you wink and bat la eyelashes you banyak mana pun....they wont let you go.


Hari ni dapat surat saman that went straight to my mom's - they have given me a lighter compound (which now seems very affordable) with a thrteat that if I don't actually pay they'll take it to court.

Seriously, satu saman seratus ringgit pun nak bawak pi mahkamah ke?

Boleh kumpul banyak2 dulu tak baru berbaloi sikit time cost pakcik lawyer and uncle judge to actually hear my case dulu baru bawak pi court?


After much contemplation I decided that I should just pay the reduced compound. heheheheh. Besides, kalau dia tak kasi renew road tax and license lagi naye kan?

Thank god for online payment and MYEG. Esok pagi-pagi kita pi online bayar RM30 okay.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tengah sakit pun masih boleh vain....

The thing about spending all this time at home (partially doped up, nevertheless) is that you only see you and you alone. So memang tak dapat dielakkan lah all those vain moments when you look at yourself in the mirror and found out a lot of things go wrong.... the eyebrows, the legs, the arms....


I need to get waxed.


So after a quick rendesvouz with a friend earlier this morning I head straight to Bangsar and had the job done.

Akhirnya! Everything gone.


Hahahahhaa! I am talking as if its big news. But seriously, I feel much better now. Especially when I look at my face. My eyebrows screams help big time.


Yeah yeah yeah, orang raya aku sebok pergi waxing. Nevermind, Ani is coming back with lemang and rendang later, so all is good kan?


Friday, November 27, 2009

Paranormal Activity is So Overrated

I personally felt misled when I watched this movie. Sebab seriously, the gazzette looks very interesting but then I am one of millions out there who's fooled. Sebab seriously, this movie sangat la membosankan.

For one its an edited version of true kira macam tengok edited home video la. But then don't expect much buzz macam Blair Witch Project sebab whatever haunting this couple takde la go exorcist ke what not kan.

It just ends with death la. I suppose if any one of them do live they can claim temporary insanity. But both didn't get to live at the end.


Which brings to one time maybe its best not to meddle in things that you don't know. Or at least not provoke it. Because who knows what will happen kan. Not that we have our own Melinda Gordon to explain anything about the dead ke apa....

Okay, I watch too much tv.


I personally don't recommend this to anyone. Even the DVD.

Mssive headache!!!

My flu and coughing has toned down a bit but I have been having this massive headache all day, its practically killing me. I wish all this will get away asap. I want to clean my house. I want to get my eating pattern in order again - it has been all messed up this passed week and I think its making me gain a pound or two. I am still too weak to even get up and exercise, the only thing that has been making me happy apart from work lately.


Its killing me to feel like I'm such a couch potato.


And that I miss the whole Raya Haji today.

Big sigh.

I do manage to finish all the part one box disc for Ghost Whisperer 5, Crminal Minds 5 and Heroes 4. All yeay and bravo to unlimited supply of drama tv series. *grin*. And when I am all done I am moving to Paranormal Activity and Zombieland.

Huge grin.

Lets just hope this headche will go off soon.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pimped and Loving It!

I'm grinning from ear to ear coz I finally got my free 3 months Digi Broadband courtesy of being number 50 on Digi's Pimp My Broadband contest! Yeay! I first and foremost have to thank everyone who had voted (especially Cik Abang Kereta Transformer for the voting tips, wink wink, my sis who tirelessly clicked the voting button every day and my brother who went along with it anyway - I knew you don't really vote for me but what the heck!). Dropped by Digi to get my free modem activated and new internet experience is obviously way better than my past internet experience....


In which I have no at now.

Digi definitely have better reception here (at my 9th floor apartment) as compared to Maxis. Boohooo....

So I guess I'm hanging on to my office lappy for a while to make full use of my 3 months free subscription...teheheheh....or just until admin people scream at me to give it back to them.


Izzy is definitely hating the diverted attention. All this while I would just be hanging out with her at home and since I've been on line, she had been studiously standing next to my lappy...sorta wondering what I have been doing (which is partially ignoring her...obviously she hates being ignored).


That's that. I've been really really sick this week. Was down with flu since last Monday and boy it was hell. Still having flu and taking meds though, so I'm kissing Raya Haji goodbye while I get doped up with meds to get better.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that this will all go away by the end of the week. December is coming and its such a shame to even lose a minute of it.


But dont let me stop any of you from having a good time. Do remember me when you eat that lemang and rendang (wehich I'll miss...sob sob...wey, sape kat KL nak bagi aku lemang free ni???) and with that , have a good ol' jolly Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Nite nite.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Game Night at Joanna's

My collegue Joanna threw a pot luck game night last Saturday and oh boy it was superb! We had fried chicken, grilled lamb, potato salad and many more.....and Joanna herself made Pavlova for desert while Kamini brought her delicious Oreo cheesecake...


There was about 15 of us there (not including kids of course) and we had so much fun eating that the game session didnt start till 11pm.

Lambat tak hengat. Too satisfied with the food. *grin*.

The rest of the gals tried their luck with baby Bell, Edmund's few months old daughter....

*give it up Komala, that kid keeps on frowning and crying when she see's you...muahahahahah*

Too bad I was feeling slightly under the weather and my ride leaves shortly after we started Pictionary. I was actually starting to get my mojo already when I had to leave. Tapi adat ikut orang kan, takkan gatal insist nak stay when driver had to leave?

I had a good time though! Thanks babe for having me.

Mari Ber"Bowling"

As the story goes last Thurday we had our friendly bowling match at Cosmic Bowl courtesy of my company's Sports Club. Dah berabad tak main bowling tetiba that day I am to replace a collegue who can't play that day, so out of fun join je la.

Ni gambar takde makna. Hahahah. Ika tengah beli voucher Jaya Jusco to be given out to the winners that day. Oh yes siree....she's heavily pregnant, tapi counter tu cover perut dia.

Lepas kerja terus pergi Cosmic Bowl with the rest of my officemates.

Meet Mrs Yolkies. Hahahahah. Posing ayu. Hahahaha. And my collegues from my department.

Anyways, biasa la kalau main bowling in public ni ada dua isu je...

Satu, kena pakai kasut bowling. Oh my, sila jangan lupa bawak stokin sendiri.

Dua, bola in limited supply. I usually use an 8 or a 9 ball. Tapi kadang kadang had no choice but to use a 10 ball sebab lubang tiga tu can't fit my fingers. hehehehe.

Before we begin our game makan dulu ringan-ringan....

We had fried chicken, mihun goreng and krispee kreme, but then I'm not so gungho about KK sebab manis nak mati ok. So I decided to give it a pass.

Nervous punya pasal takde la gambar aksi-aksi membaling bola. Heheheh. Sangat la segan, dah la tak biasa berbowling ngan diorang tetiba gatal nak tangkap gambar kan....tapi fun okay, macam, macam gaya. hahahahah.

At the end of the second game here's how my team was doing....

Not bad aite?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Despite bowling, I caught a movie anyway...

The movie buff me is back!!!!!!! Yesterday after the bowling thingy I went straight to Cathay Cineplex and caught the show "A Christmas Carol" in 3D.

Yes. I watched it in 3D. And I love every minute of it.


The show starts at 10pm so before it starts pi jalan-jalan at the open area at Curve dulu.....

OMG, dah feeling christmas...aku soka!!!!!Though the place is not fully decorated yet tapi feeling feeling year end dah semakin terasa with the weather all cold and cozy because of the rain kan. Sigh. Too bad I didn't have a sweater on.

See who's rocking her 3D shades.....

Harusla tangkap gambar kan...sebab this is my first 3D experience.

Plus muka dah ala-ala runcing sikit sekarang...hahahaah!Boleh tangkap gambar banyak pun tak kisah.

*Oh hell, apakah???Vain alert vain alert*

My verdict on the movie....I love 3D. Of course its just a simple cartoon movie la, takde la crack apa kan, but then I love having the feel of snow falling down on me, percikkan-percikkan api, scrooge flying around, the floating letters....macam dalam Harry Potter cinema je.


Its weekend already. Nampaknya tak sempat la nak share my bowling piccas till Monday. Fret not, champion will blog about it!

Definitely. Coz there's a first time story there too..hehehehe.Now I can cross " I have to win the top bowler title" from my list of things to do before I hit 30.

*grin oops...terbabas story*

Its okay. Can replace that with "making sure I can make it to an advanced yogi". So I must practice hard....before time runs out.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wardrobe of A-List Stars - Don't You Just Wished U Have One of Your Own????

To dream is let's all dream together. Sigh. I've been browsing the internet and foung an article on celebrity wardrobe and oh boy, I drool. hahahahaa! Seriously its a freaking one person home there, but then if I had all the money in the world and I have tonnes of Loubotins, Choo's, Gucci's and what not....why not invest in a good wardrobe kan?

These diva's memang totally go off the chain with their walk in wardrobe (ok, not to mention the whole house, memang OTT) tapi i soka!!!! Hahhahaah!!!!

Let's indulge in a few...

*Piccas courtesy of Instyle.Com*

*Ms Dirty Turn Good - Christina Aguilera*

Oh wardrobe with gothic antiques, and never ending row's of shoes, shoes and more shows. My dream wardrobe. hahahahah! Not that I have as much shoes, but I love shoes neatly stashed macam kat kedai kasut Aldo.


Tapi, Ms Diva Mariah Carey ada lagi banyak okay.....

She turned the master bedroom of a triplex apartment to a shoe room that housed over 1000 pairs of designer heels....if a shoe died, most probably the good ones goes here...coz it's definitely shoe heaven.

*wink wink*

Next is the wardrobe of the Queen of Fabulousity.....

*who else if not KLS?*

We've seen her wardrobe...the humongous leopard printed carpet with flat screen tv and mini bar wardrobe in her reality TV show "KLS - Life on the Fab Lane" and don't be surprise that the wardrobe is not the only wardrobe she has in the house, other wardrobes in other rooms are filled with her stuff too. But its no biggie la she has so many stuff, being a top designer and model and all, judgeing by the number of LV luggage and carrier bags she lunges all over the globe. And guess what....she has 35 custom made Hermes Birkin Bags...boleh?

That's over the top too much.

Coz Eva Longoria pun only has hot pink....

*That's ELP's wardrobe...can you spot the Birkin Bag?*

Cute kan anjing dia?

Anyways, apart from the shoes, ELP is said to have 50 pairs of jeans.

Dasyat okay. When the hell did she find time to wear all 50 pairs?

Last one is Miley Cyrus's dressing room....

Again.....gothic pink motive. To come to think of it the color is lovely.....

Should I paint my room that color too? And have black chandeliers?

Gorgeous okay.

Hari yang serabai....

The wether was pretty awful lately - its too cold for my liking- and I think its making me all wired up (ah, alasan skip gym and yoga). I don't think I can survive a winter if cuaca macam ni pun dah rasa macam yo-yo sihat-sakit-sihat-sakit. Imagine if the rumor about the winter storm tu happen on 20th will come true???

*damn you Prem from 8TV Quickie. Suka dessimate rumor. You're scaring me. Dah la aku takde winter clothing*

I had a long night yesterday. Overslept a nap after work (and miss my HotYoga session - seb baik Ninie tak go all military on me kalau tak mati la mak dah 2 minggu skip kelas hot yoga dia)and later sambung till morning (while waking up in between sebab Izzy keep on nuzzling on my arms in the middle of the night and snoozing next to me)....its amazing how I can sleep more than 12 hours and still feel lethargic. Sigh. Izzy kejut I pagi pagi suruh bangun pergi kerja, while giving me the "damn you if you lose your job and can't feed me" look when I malas nak bangun.


Okay, okay.....fine!

Too bad I woke up to a bad hair day. And sore throat.

Sigh. Tanda-tanda nak kena demam.

Oh puhleaze. Tolongla jangan demam.

I packed my Redoxon, my sore throat pills and panadol to work. Hopefully I can curb this before it gets worse.

*Sekarang menyesal miss the HotYoga session. If I had gone I won't be down with this fever aite?*


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On external trainings.....

Lately I have been out of the office quite a bit for trainings. Nasib baik la kan bos rajin hantar training luar, otherwise I'll be couped up at my desk for good. Sigh. Not that I am excited to learn anything....hahahah....obviously pergi training selalunya nak frulfill CPE hours (yeah yeah yeah, and learn too).....tapi okay jugak la since they were all done in hotels and food were provided...

*Free food alert. Me = cheapskate*


That was me last Tax Conference held at Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre. Oh my, aku pergi sorang and attendees in total were about 2,000 peeps....I feel macam cikurat je sitting next to all those people.

*oh, that day ada finance team dari Air Asia datang. They all wear the red Air Asia costume size zero. Boleh? Finance team pun kena ada body stewardess?And the whole hall were checking them seriously, they did.Mana taknya, imagine all the guy accountants who are so used to the typical female accountant stereotype (yeah, we usually don't even care to put on make-up, so go figure), tetiba ada finance team ala stewardess hot in mini skirt....mana tak berdegup pantas jantung kan?*

Anyways, I rasa macam cikurat when I tend to bump into CEO's/audit partners/CFO's/Senior Managers of various public listed companies....when they ask me what I do I just....

Erk....*grin*...I'm not as big as you....


Too bad I didn't bring my calling card. otherwise boleh "networking".

*As if*

When I attended the training on hedgeing at Park Royal early this month I found something really really interesting.....

*juice dispenser*

Oh my, sebab seriously...selalunya jumpa coffee/hot beverage dispenser cap Nestle tu kan, first time nampak juice dispenser macam teruja pulak.

So I sneak around to get a picca. Hahahaha. Yelah, takkan orang sibuk training aku sibuk tangkap gambar sorang-sorang kan? Gilo apo?

And of course, the juice is free. Hahahhaah. Takkan la Park Royal nak charge 50 sen per cup??


Interesting alternative to coffee don't you think?


Bowling...masih mampukah????

The company is having a bowling tournament this thursday and thank God someone invited me to join their group...hahahahah...susah la jadi newbie ni, kena tunggu ada opening baru boleh ada kaki buat benda-benda macam ni because al-maklumlah, everyone have their teams already....

So pack your bowling bags this Thursday peeps! Mama's gonna bowl!


Not that I am an avid bowler. Dulu masa kat uni ada la main suka-suka, because my ex back then was a bowling freak (unlike the recent ex, semua jenis sukan you can actually cross out of the list instantly). Last I bowled was years back, so I am pretty E.X.C.I.T.E.D!

Some of the teams dah siap practice sessions during lunch hour, but then with work and all memang tak dapat la I join. Sigh. Takpe, yang penting participate kan?

And hell yeah, I have to kiss my extremely long nails goodbye. Sob sob. Penat I simpan for 2 months now dah kena potong semua. Sigh. Better be safe than sorry, tak pasal pasal nanti kuku patah dalam bola bowling satu hal la pulak nak kena pi hospital.

*Grin* *Bowling accident....WTH?*

Gonna be lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Izzy's Getting Comfy In Bed....

I don't understand my cat. I don't see why she must settle down like this every time I let her loose as soon as I get back home from work....

Oh sila la jadi kucing berhemah tinggi sikit.....can she nuzzle up more "nicely"?
Ni tak?

Harusla all 4 paws goes to 4 different directions - north, south, east,west.


Memang semua kucing macam ni? Please tell me so sebab kalau tetiba kucing I pelik pelik ni takut pulak dia emotional distress sebab lama kena tinggal alone at home.


On another note, I am still contemplating whether I should take her back to granny's for the upcoming Hari Raya Haji. My concern is that what will happen kalau I lepaskan dia? Takkan nak cagekan dalam itsy bitsy carrier? takkan tetiba saiko aku nak beli cage besar and letak kat kampung???


Its such a tough decision to make.


Thanks to Nuffnang...there is no need to brave the que to watch 2012....

The 2012 bug is itching everyone....kalau tak percaya sila la tengok line yang panjang berjela-jela in all the cinemas now. Last weekend was at the movies to watch "The Box" with Cik Abang Anon and guess what, the show for 2012 was all full siap merah blinking-blinking lagi.


That's why I sangat bersyukur to get the free tix from Nuffnang for 2012's premiere screening last wednesday. Ini semua hasil berkat this entry. Too bad I couldn't come up with the same for New Moon. Was so busy lately tak perasan pulak the tix's were already up for grabs last week.


I took Shasha with me that night. Babe, nasib baik ko cancel your trip kan??? Movie tu best kan??? Tak rugi tengok kan???


What shock us both was the crowd. I think that night there were definitely more than 5 screenings of the premiere show, so the crowd was huge. And for the first time ever, ada body check semua. So hanphone, camera, ipod, lappy - all electronic stuff wajib surrender. First time kena tinggal handphone kat kaunter rasa macam putus akal sekejap...because seriously, have you ever been separated with your mobile before?

See, I guess not.

The movie is about a guy trying to get his family to safety when the end of days came....supposedly to an ark built to stand the expected wave when the earth crust move an create a massive flood.

Ala...macam cerita bahtera Nabi Nuh tu.

The movie started a bit late, but once the movie starts we were kept at the edge of our seats...and didn't even bother that our hp's were outside anyways...

Sebab the movie is so exhilirating. And the effects is just superb. I suka sangat tengok bangunan-bangunan runtuh masa diorang fly the plane.

You guys must be asking "How bad can it get la kan????".

The answer is very bad.

To a point that everything is destroyed.

There's 2 waves of destruction, one is when the earth plate moves and thus create the earthquakes and such. Sangat ngeri tengok bumi terbelah dua, flares shooting everywhere that simply came out of nowhere.....

.....dan yang paling scary sekali is when you have no where to run. Everything was falling like domino stacks.

Obviously everyone was not prepared la kan. Sebab kalau cakap pasal kiamat sekarang pun macam ada orang nak bersiap sedia la kan???

The second wave is when the earthquakes settled, then comes a huge tsunami that wipes out the entire world.
The sad part is to see the human greed even when things are almost toward the end. Because seriously, if this happens and you had knowledge of it....who would you save first?



Total strangers?

Giraffe's from the amazon?

*apa kena dengan giraffe ni???? Sila tengok movie tu betul-betul....there are some giraffe's more lucky than a human being and got to get on the ark....while others, either die or lost a leg to get to the ark....sigh...*

Another scene I love is when the wave hit the Tibetan monk. Sangat sayu.

Out of 10 this movie is definitely a 9...and it beats the hell out of Jennifer's Body (which is so lame and exploitative of Megan Fox's hot body....nasib baik aku tengok DVD, so not worth my time), Inglorious Basterds (oh, tapi in this one Brad Pitt is so kewl!) and The Box (another waste of time, not recommended at all....I heard I might be better off watching Ninja, if I could).

*hmmmm...for someone on a budget banyak jugak movie aku tgk bulan ni ye? Oh yeah, masih belum tengok Pisau Cukur*

To the rest of you who haven't catch the show.....selamat beratur ya!