Friday, November 20, 2009

Despite bowling, I caught a movie anyway...

The movie buff me is back!!!!!!! Yesterday after the bowling thingy I went straight to Cathay Cineplex and caught the show "A Christmas Carol" in 3D.

Yes. I watched it in 3D. And I love every minute of it.


The show starts at 10pm so before it starts pi jalan-jalan at the open area at Curve dulu.....

OMG, dah feeling christmas...aku soka!!!!!Though the place is not fully decorated yet tapi feeling feeling year end dah semakin terasa with the weather all cold and cozy because of the rain kan. Sigh. Too bad I didn't have a sweater on.

See who's rocking her 3D shades.....

Harusla tangkap gambar kan...sebab this is my first 3D experience.

Plus muka dah ala-ala runcing sikit sekarang...hahahaah!Boleh tangkap gambar banyak pun tak kisah.

*Oh hell, apakah???Vain alert vain alert*

My verdict on the movie....I love 3D. Of course its just a simple cartoon movie la, takde la crack apa kan, but then I love having the feel of snow falling down on me, percikkan-percikkan api, scrooge flying around, the floating letters....macam dalam Harry Potter cinema je.


Its weekend already. Nampaknya tak sempat la nak share my bowling piccas till Monday. Fret not, champion will blog about it!

Definitely. Coz there's a first time story there too..hehehehe.Now I can cross " I have to win the top bowler title" from my list of things to do before I hit 30.

*grin oops...terbabas story*

Its okay. Can replace that with "making sure I can make it to an advanced yogi". So I must practice hard....before time runs out.



shasha said...

jom practice bowling bersamaku!!! tangan sudah gian nih...huhuhu

Leen said...

Nk tgok movie tu in 3D gak la... tringin~~~

Anonymous said...

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