Monday, November 30, 2009

Dress Like the Stars...with your purse intact!

Morning ya peeps!!!!!First of all, how's your weekend? Best? Mestilakan....raya. Dapat jumpa relatives and kawan-kawan, lepak with free flow food and drinks. *grin*. As you already know by now I spent my time recuperating and getting back on my feet to pretty old me, and guess what I found today?

More online boutiques to drool over, and spend money on! Hahahahah! But jangan risau jangan risau, obviously I love bargains kan? So this next feature is another good bargain for all you fashion frolics out there, sebab surprised or not, the price is oh-so-affordable. And when I say that, I can vouch that its mostly below RM100.


Let's go to our new peep of the week.

*DNA Celebrity Style - click here for direct link*

Founded by two local celebrities, Dynas Mokhtar and Awal Ashari, the boutique brings in chic and up-to-date designs that is simply hard to resist.

What, sape diorang?

Where the heck have you guys been?

*tak kenal lagi? Kan Awal sangat famous with One in A Million.....sigh*

The best thing about this sales blog is that it offers both male and female attire, so you get the best of both worlds in quite affordable price. To all you ladies out there who will be checking the blog now, don't get disheartened by the long list of male shirts when you first get into the page, scroll further down and you will find very very very pretty dresses that you can frock on day and night.

My biggest worry will be that the shop won't carry anything in my size, coz to be honest kalau compare I and Dynas memang tak sama size la hahahahahah! But then who knows kan, mana tau dia simpan a few stocks in my size? or free size perhaps? *grin* So maybe I will check out their outlet at Hartamas over the weekend and see what they have to offer.

*Big grin...aku suka shopping. maybe while I'm at it I should drag komala with me. Dia tengah cari dress for annual dinner*

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