Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Game Night at Joanna's

My collegue Joanna threw a pot luck game night last Saturday and oh boy it was superb! We had fried chicken, grilled lamb, potato salad and many more.....and Joanna herself made Pavlova for desert while Kamini brought her delicious Oreo cheesecake...


There was about 15 of us there (not including kids of course) and we had so much fun eating that the game session didnt start till 11pm.

Lambat tak hengat. Too satisfied with the food. *grin*.

The rest of the gals tried their luck with baby Bell, Edmund's few months old daughter....

*give it up Komala, that kid keeps on frowning and crying when she see's you...muahahahahah*

Too bad I was feeling slightly under the weather and my ride leaves shortly after we started Pictionary. I was actually starting to get my mojo already when I had to leave. Tapi adat ikut orang kan, takkan gatal insist nak stay when driver had to leave?

I had a good time though! Thanks babe for having me.

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