Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Izzy Getting More Comfy....

Lately Izzy was being more carefree and non-chalant at home, being more at ease as compared to her first 2 weeks at my house when she usually just run back to her crib everytime I take her out to the living room. These days she just loves to follow me around the house in the morning - regardless the countless times I actually stepped on her feet/body/head as she tries to outrun me. Sigh. Made of steel agaknya kucing ni, she seems to know nothing about pain.

*Unless aku hempuk kepala dia when she doesn't behave accordingly...like the time dia try lompat balcony tu. Sigh. Sape suruh bunuh diri kan. Tuhan marah okay*

Despite me feeling under the weather i still have to clean my house, so last weekend pagi-pagi I dah start vacuum and all...while Izzy had her own sweet time lounging on my bed.

*renungan tajam - apa tangkap-tangkap gambar??*

Best la ko ye tak payah kemas umah.


But then nasib baik Izzy takde la nak kacau I kemas ke apa kan. She just sit and stare at me. Bagus. nanti ada yang kena sedut masuk vacuum.


I noticed that my cat and I shared a common interest....that is, we both love to watch movies and tv series. At times melampau jugak si Izzy ni, she will go all the way in front of the tv and sit there for hours watching tv, otherwise, most of the other time she is settled at the far end hand rest of my 3 seater sofa....

*Izzy's favourite spot. Kalau dia tak tengok tv kat sini sometimes she doze off here for no apparent purpose*

And nak tau what's the view from that spot.....

*strategic bukan???tak payah teleng-teleng kepala*

Pandai jugak kucing aku ni cari port.

Izzy loves chic flicks and girlie drama - like Gossip Girls and One Tree Hill - sebab she can stay up all night when I had those two on, but she couldn't care less about action flicks at first. Akan tetapi, sebab ikut tuan dia.....the cat finally grew to love "The Unit" as well. Hahahahahah! Macam mana aku tau dia suka? Sebab the first couple o0f episodes dia selalu lari-lari time the show is on, but after the second CD, dia pun melekat kat favourite spot dia tengok cerita tu sampai abis.

Teruk kan aku ni? Jadikan my cat TV series junkie. Hahahahah!

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shasha said...

wohh...kucing aku tamau dok diam kalo tgk tv...silap2 aku yg tgk dorang tak jadi nak tgk tv...tension jeee