Sunday, November 29, 2009

Izzy the IT geek

Izzy loves to sit on the keyboard. Sometimes I have to drag her off the keyboard so I can actually work on my lappy and she will pull an innocent face on me as if she did nothing wrong.

And yeah, she loves to sit on my handphone too. Tak payah la tanya kenapa. Sometimes she purposely slept on my handphone and I mati-mati la cari my handphone ingat I misplaced it somewhere just to find it underneath her belly.

My cat loves gadget. Hahahhahaah!

Anyways, to show how much she enjoys dvd's like I do....

But Izzy doesn't care much for Fringe...which I heart big time! She loves chick flick....and she watched Greek Season 2 day in and day out with me last week.

*and yeah, Izzy wants to say thank you to Mrs Dot for lending her the DVD. Nanti Izzy pulangkan ye...*


f.i.e.z.a said...

izzy ni bulu itam ye kak zue?x pasan plak selama ni.exactly cam my sis's cat.mei mei nama dia.i x suka kucing.takot.hehe

shasha said...

hehheeh...muka innocent...dah besar dah pun dia time i bawak moei datang umah u...sure jahanam barang2 kat umah kau nanti...hahaahah

Zuraida said...

dia belum jumpa mak tiri lagi. meh sini aku disiplinkan dia. di jamin lepas sebulan terus baik.