Friday, November 27, 2009

Mssive headache!!!

My flu and coughing has toned down a bit but I have been having this massive headache all day, its practically killing me. I wish all this will get away asap. I want to clean my house. I want to get my eating pattern in order again - it has been all messed up this passed week and I think its making me gain a pound or two. I am still too weak to even get up and exercise, the only thing that has been making me happy apart from work lately.


Its killing me to feel like I'm such a couch potato.


And that I miss the whole Raya Haji today.

Big sigh.

I do manage to finish all the part one box disc for Ghost Whisperer 5, Crminal Minds 5 and Heroes 4. All yeay and bravo to unlimited supply of drama tv series. *grin*. And when I am all done I am moving to Paranormal Activity and Zombieland.

Huge grin.

Lets just hope this headche will go off soon.

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shasha said...

hmm...dah pegi klinik??