Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Monday....But its Tuesday!

This is me now.....

Can you see me in between the rift rafts?

Obviously not kan. Things had been so hectic in the office lately I nak minum air pun terlupa....in which is not good. Hehehehe. But then hey, soon it'll be year end and I am crossing my fingers that the angels are helping me out big time, because if my wish do come true, you will see me jetsetting across the world in a carefree mode ala amazing race.

Oh yeah I wish. But so far its only a dream.

In truth, reality sucks. It feels like ages till pay day. Sigh. Nasib baik takde credit card, kalau tak this would be the kind of stress that will make me break my bank even more. Not that I have the time to break the bank but then if you ever knew me, it just takes minutes to burn a whole in my purse.

Serious tak tipu.

In which I am now channelling my excess energy to gym/yoga now. Tapi last week I play hooky too much....sebab bz nak mati then I went to exhaustion mode. Sigh. I slept the whole weekend, ate choc chip cookies and finished 3 season of "The Unit".


*sedih nak mati bila hero kegemaran mati dalam Season 3.When things are going good they just have to kill the character. WTF?*

I am digressing....again.

I came to realise that my work here will be never-ending - and I will be forever a pencil-pushing prick sitting in front of a PC crunching numbers and going bonkers with the number of zero's in an excel cell. Sigh. But at least now I felt as if my life had purpose,that I have something to look forward to every morning.

Yeah, tetiba bunyi macam serious.

Got a surprising phone call this morning. Well well well...setelah berbulan bulan lepas apply baru tunjuk interest? Hmmm....interesting.

So not gonna tell till there's something firm...hehehe...so better don't ask.



shasha said...

haihh..not in the mood to do my job...bila la nak dapat keje baru nih...hehehehe...jom lepak babe?

Zuraida said...

nak lepak bilenye????

txt me!