Friday, November 27, 2009

Paranormal Activity is So Overrated

I personally felt misled when I watched this movie. Sebab seriously, the gazzette looks very interesting but then I am one of millions out there who's fooled. Sebab seriously, this movie sangat la membosankan.

For one its an edited version of true kira macam tengok edited home video la. But then don't expect much buzz macam Blair Witch Project sebab whatever haunting this couple takde la go exorcist ke what not kan.

It just ends with death la. I suppose if any one of them do live they can claim temporary insanity. But both didn't get to live at the end.


Which brings to one time maybe its best not to meddle in things that you don't know. Or at least not provoke it. Because who knows what will happen kan. Not that we have our own Melinda Gordon to explain anything about the dead ke apa....

Okay, I watch too much tv.


I personally don't recommend this to anyone. Even the DVD.

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