Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shopping Day...Yeehaa!!!!!

Okay, a lot of money burnt today....but I'm so happy coz its been ages since I do go out and shop this way....hehehhehe....mentang-mentang dah gaji and dah sihat...hehehhe.....


I dragged my sis to meet Salmah, the owner of PreciousMe All Natural Products, to get our supply of facial wash and such. Since I switch my facial care regime to PreciousMe goods, I have been seeing positive results on my skin and been saving a lot of till I go immune I suppose I'll stick to the skin care rage she can offer, and this round, I also ordered a couple more goodies that I hope can make my skin even better....

I ordered the rosewater anti acne toner, strawberry body scrub (that smells so yummylicious), my favourite liquid facial wash (in which my sis and I are a huge fan off, seriously, this thing work wonders for people yang malas nak pakai moisturiser), a mineral face pawder (which is new! and since my BodyShop face powder dah abis, so I decided to try hers), a sample size of aloe vera and pearl moisturiser and she threw in a lip balm free!!!!

Aku soka!!!!!

Review sila tunggu minggu depan. I wanna use them for a week or two first before giving a verdict.


After hanging out with Salmah at Hailam Kopitiam over Jasmine Honey tea (yang sangat bagus for my cough!), my sister and I head to Tropicana City Mall. I was all a buzzed over the new mall coz it has a lot of shops to offer and was hoping that they have interesting food outlets to try. But too bad, kat sana makan-makan still tak banyak choice...akan tetapi tempat shopping baju sangat la banyak.

In which I end up home with these....

6 pairs of tops and 2 pairs of bottoms....and I found the leggings that I have been searching for ages for just RM30. Quite a bargain aite? And semua tempat dah on sale now okay. Lagi la gumbira!

Apa, kenapa banyak color hitam???

Seriously, I tak tau. Hehehehe. Itu je yang nampak menarik, and trust me, my sister approved. Kalau I have extra budget maybe you will see more, tapi with december in tow and ada plans nak pergi holiday, so I have to keep my budget in check. Nanti kalau takde duit macam mana nak berholiday kan?

My biggest excitement is that I can fit into M size now. Yippee!!!!And for that, I have to give thanks to FarahFoxy and Celebrity Fitness and Beyoga. *grin* Kalau tak dulu asyik kena beli XL je. Sekarang dah balik to M and L. Gila gembira. Sikit lagi I can actually steal my sister's stuff (and lock my wardrobe so she won't steal mine).Heheheheh.

Oops. Got to get ready coz later nak hang out with Komala and Wei Liew. Komala ajak teman dia shopping and later we are catching a movie. Wei Liew wanna watched 2012....second round la aku nampaknya.Maybe diorang boleh subsidy movie tix?



Foxy Farah said...

yay! for the weight and of course the stuff that u just bought.keep it up with usana :)

missycha said...

yeahaaaa...sudah sihat! bagus bagus!
=)and shopping too!!
btw babe, i link u okie?

shasha said...

owhhhh...sgt jeles tgk baju yg byk2 tuh...nak shopping tapi budget sgt tight!!!

Zuraida said...

heyya foxy,
mesti mesti..heheheh.

sila jangan jeles. Aku pun dah lama tak beli baju kerja ok. I think its about time.

Missycha dearie,
sila link. No problemo.