Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spotted - I Peeped and I'm Loving It

What's me and shopping these days? Apparently deep down inside me there's a shopping spree hunger that is yet to be relinquished, and God if i ever had the means I would have satisfied it personally at this exact time but then, so here I am, trying to curb the only means I have now is online browsing....


*I know, sounds a tad sad, but what you can only see (and not buy) won't hurt you, kan?*

Not that I wont buy any of the things I found. I would surely wanna grab a thing or two...someday....till then, I am tagging their pages and sharing it with the whole world. So that when I do have the means, I will go back.


My latest find today is the Peep Boutique....

*Visit the site here*

Expect chic finds and gorgeous dresses, I especially love the boots (though I don't wear boots anymore...but sure, its really pretty) at great prices.

And guess what?

She's in OZ at the moment and expect more stuff soon. Oh I can't wait.....oh I can't wait....

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